Project A and Open Door Networks release "Missing App" For iPhone

February 15, 2009 in Business (F)

[] Ashland, Oregon - Project A, Inc. and Open Door Networks, Inc. ("We-Envision") announced that they are now shipping two new iPhone applications through the iTunes App Store. The 99-cent "myCard" and free companion product "myCard Free" mark the beginning of a new line of "Missing Apps" from the organization.

myCard allows you to beam your business card info (vCard) to other people. The app was successfully launched at Macworld 2009, becoming one of the most widely used business apps and the most popular vCard exchange program in the App Store.

"We set out to develop a contact sharing application that is lightweight, fast, secure, does not require you to create an online account, works without wi-fi, and is extremely easy to use," says Jim Teece, co-founder of We-Envision. "It is extremely exciting to see how well received it has been and how many people use it every day."

"myCard was our 25th app in the App Store," says Alan Oppenheimer, co-founder of We-Envision. "It gives us another series of apps in the store, in addition to our popular 'Envi" line of Web-image browsers."

myCard has two simple methods to quickly and securely share your contact information:

* Beam myCard (iPhone/iPod Touch to iPhone/iPod Touch over the Internet): Used when the receiving device has myCard or myCard Free installed. Tell the recipient a short code to type in, and your card arrives in seconds via secure connection. The recipient can easily return a card in the same step.

* Email myCard (using vCard): Delivers your card as an industry-standard vCard to anyone who does not have myCard (or even an iPhone). The recipient simply adds your vCard attachment to their own address book (whether using iPhone-based email, or practically any other email system, mobile or desktop). You do not even need to have mail set up on your iPhone or iPod Touch for this method to work.

myCard Free is a companion product to myCard. It's a receive-only app that allows you to accept cards from a full version owner. You can even return your card to a myCard owner, provided the beam is initiated from the paid version. (The free version cannot email a vCard or initiate a transfer.) Anyone wishing to receive a myCard owner's card can just search for myCard Free in the app store and download it on the spot.

The We-Envision Web site includes additional details on the apps, as well as a video of myCard in action.

Apps in the We-Envision Envi product line include:
* Art: Art Envi, Art Envi Deluxe and Hiroshige Envi. Art Envi was the number-one selling app in Japan for over a week.

* Space: Space Envi, Space Envi Deluxe, Earth Envi, Planet Envi, Mars Envi, Astronaut Envi

* Fun: Haircut Envi, Dog Envi, Cat Envi, Comic Envi, Ferrari Envi, Porche Envi, Lambo Envi, Jet Envi, Wedding Envi

* Travel: Paris Envi, London Envi, Chicago Envi, Hawaii Envi

* Outdoors: Parks Envi, Parks Envi Deluxe, Yosemite Envi, Mountain Envi

We-Envision is an innovative collaboration of two separate software companies (Open Door Networks and Project A). The mission of We-Envision is the design, development and deployment of the best independent software solutions for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. Open Door Networks, Inc. was founded in 1995 by Alan Oppenheimer, co-creator of AppleTalk, the original network system for the Macintosh. Open Door is a leading provider of Internet solutions for Apple products. Project A, Inc. was founded in 1990 by Jim Teece and is a leading developer of 100% database-driven websites deployed for clients world-wide. Both companies are located in Ashland, Oregon.


Jim Teece
President & CEO
541-488-1702 x106

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