MacEase Releases PrintMagic 5.0 - Highly Rated Productivity Utility

February 17, 2009 in Utility (E)

[] Berkeley, CA - MacEase is pleased to announce the release of PrintMagic 5.0, its highly rated printing and data mining utility. PrintMagic enables users to selectively save and/or print just the data they need from virtually any program (even from programs that can't print their own data). PrintMagic also eliminates the need to do tedious and time consuming copying and pasting of data between programs when collecting data.

PrintMagic adds a system-wide and customizable keyboard shortcut to OS X that lets users instantly print or save just the data that they have selected. Additionally, PrintMagic adds useful options when collecting or printing data, such as applying time-date stamps, notes, and URL stamps to the data - even on the fly!

PrintMagic provides exceptional customization options that allows users to blend PrintMagic into their workflow so that PrintMagic doesn't get in their way. And PrintMagic even provides customizable keyboard shortcuts that access its primary features both when users are working within any program and when users choose to make PrintMagic invisible.

Additionally, PrintMagic 5.0 includes new tools for working with the data that's on the Clipboard, new tools in its built-in Editor, faster performance, and other enhancements.

PrintMagic also includes the option of adding a self-configuring Desktop Printer to OS X and provides additional features to facilitate the selective collecting and printing of just the data that's needed. By allowing users to easily and instantly filter out unnecessary material from any program, as well as ink/toner intensive ads from Web pages, PrintMagic significantly reduces expenditures on ink, toner, and paper while simultaneously increasing users' productivity.

New Feature Highlights:
* Optional automatic URL stamp when saving or printing selections from either FireFox or Safari
* System-wide customizable keyboard shortcut for saving the contents of the Clipboard to a closed file
* Additional tools for working with the contents of the Clipboard
* New features added to the built-in Editor, including Find and Find Again functions
* Interface has been streamlined and simplified

System Requirements:
A Macintosh computer with System 10.3.x, 10.4.x, or 10.5.x; a PowerPC or Intel processor

Additional Information:
PrintMagic 5.0 includes a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee and costs only $29.95 (USD). Registered users of PrintMagic 4.0 can upgrade to version 5.0 for only $10.95.

Steve Becker, the owner of MacEase, has been developing freeware and shareware for the Macintosh since 1997. The software from MacEase specializes in collecting, saving, organizing and printing information. The focus at MacEase is to develop software that extends the capabilities of the user's computer, improves workflow and productivity, and enhances the user experience.


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