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[] Paris, France - Les Trois Elles Interactive, publisher of the award winning Numberland HD, is part of this week's APP FRIDAY with Moms With Apps.

Every Friday, family-friendly developers discount their apps. This Friday, the 22nd of June 2012, Les Trois Elles interactive will be part of the party, offering their latest app Montessori Letter Sounds, at the reduced price of $0.99 instead of $2.99.

Montessori Letter Sounds HD was reviewed and loved by WIRED, Kinder Town, Famigo, The iPhone Mom, Teachers with Apps and Best Apps for Kids. It is a great preK app to introduce children to letter sounds.

Montessori Letter Sounds offers "I spy" games, letter sound learning and sounding-out games. It features common words as well as more difficult vocabulary. Children are naturally curious and they love to learn new words. Vocabulary enhancement is vital to enable children to read more complex texts. It is important to "feed" their learning hunger for them to continue learning when they are older. With Montessori Letter Sounds, children (and adults!!) will learn new words and feel proud of it!

Some people might wonder why Montessori schools teach letter sounds and not letteJr words. Here is Valerie Touze's (Montessori teacher and co-founder of Les Trois Elles Interactive), reply:

Most parents teach their toddlers their ABCs and feel so proud once their little ones repeat the song! It's as much of a stepping-stone as having a first tooth.

In fact, learning letter names has become so natural that parents don't even stop to think "why am I teaching my 2 year old letter names?"

In this post I would like to explain why children would be better off if more parents asked themselves this question.

To begin, lets start by reviewing the reasons why letter names are useful: * We use them to spell words, names, reference numbers... * They are also useful for alphabetical order purposes; if you're looking something up in the dictionary, in a cookbook or in the phonebook for instance * Letter names are also used in Maths, Physics and many other subjects * I'm sure there are other utilizations of letter names but none of which are really useful before 6 years old

Some of you might be thinking "funny, she forgot to mention learning to read and write". Actually, no, I didn't forget.

Try reading a word using letter names: "see-ey-tee" for instance. Does that sound like cat? Not really. Spelling and reading are two very different things.

In Montessori schools, we teach children letter sounds. More often than not, children already know some letter names when they arrive in our schools. Obviously we don't tell them they are wrong if they say "see" when they see a "c" but we explain that letters have a name and they also make one or more sounds, which is even more important when you're learning to read and write.

In the same example as above, if you say the letter sounds faster and faster [k] [a] [t], you end up hearing "cat". This method is also known as "phonics". It is not a new method but one that people are coming back to after having tried other ways that proved less successful.

What are the down sides of phonics? Some languages are more phonetic than others. The only complication with phonics in English is that some letters are pronounced differently depending on the words and that English uses a lot of phonograms that have to be learned by heart. Still, experts believe that it is a strong base and time has proven that children who use this method become better readers in the long run.

With this in mind, what should parents look for in a letter app?

Basically there are three ways of approaching letter sounds in a word:
* I can hear and see (c, a, t in cat)
* I can hear but I can't see (f in xylophone)
* I can see but I can't hear (a in tea)

These three ways are valid, as long as the child knows what he is looking at.

Based on these three rules, parents should be able to decide whether the examples used in the app were thought through or just randomly selected based on the letters used to spell the word. It's so logical when you think about it! I can't help but wonder why you would say "A like Ant" and "S like Ship", unless you specified "I can see but I can't hear"...

Device Requirements:
* iOS 4.3 or later
* Compatible with iPad
* 16.6 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Montessori Letter Sounds HD 1.1 is $2.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.

Founded by Montessori teachers who have had years of classroom experience with hundreds of children, Les Trois Elles Interactive is determined to offer qualitative educational apps on iPad and iPhone. Their objective is to provide parents and teachers Montessori based apps to use at home or at school. The Montessori Method relies on building autonomy and self-confidence by letting children do by themselves and offering them self-correcting materials to manipulate and respecting their individual rhythm. Copyright (C) 2012 Les Trois Elles Interactive. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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