Create the Perfect Business Presentation with Whiteboard Mojo on iPad

June 22, 2012 in Productivity (E)

[] Sausalito, California - Viz Mojo Labs, Inc. an innovative new mobile business solutions developer, is excited to announce the upcoming release of its flagship app - Whiteboard Mojo - for the iPad, this July. A uniquely effective new presentation aide alternative, this app is poised to become a top choice for tech savvy professionals, software developers, financial analysts, and everyone in between. Whiteboard Mojo gives users the power to utilize the highly visual, freeform advantages of a classic whiteboard without the cumbersome effort or in-accuracy via human error or the like.

This digital incarnation helps business experts quickly explain complex concepts that everyone will understand without tripping over the pitfalls of writing actual number-based sketches by hand that could end up hurting users' causes more than they help them due to confusion. Whiteboard Mojo is set to become available for download on the App Store for $9.95 in the Productivity category next month.

"Show Me What You Mean!" is a phrase many have heard come up during a sales presentation. When explaining a complicated solution, many presenters struggle with drawing diagrams to better explain their thoughts. Whiteboard Mojo solves this problem once and for all. C-level decision makers and non-technical audiences many times rely on whiteboard sketches to see the big picture, and with this app you can be sure those sketches are always on target. Whiteboard Mojo's drawing and mapping modules come together for the perfect solution, giving busy presenters the room they need to successfully plan out their visual aides, give persuasive presentations, and achieve their intended goals in a matter of minutes without the hindrance of impromptu mix ups.

To give presenters the upper hand the app comes preloaded with icons, step-by-step video drawing lessons, a whiteboard touch-screen, map blueprints, and more. Whiteboard Mojo helps presenters think visually, structure visual stories, collaborate with peers, and features an intuitive interface. To keep things flexible the app even comes loaded with 36 unique drawings, 36 ste-by-step videos, and 25 sets of visual maps to help users structure their ideas. There's no reason creative shortcomings should hold you back, so get the digital advantage next time you need to pull off that all-important presentation with Whiteboard Mojo as soon as it pops up in the App Store.

Whiteboard Mojo is a mobile app for powerful visual storytelling in business and education. The user-friendly tool is based on field-tested method, proven with over 11,000 participants in Fortune 500 trainings. Whiteboard Mojo app is the fastest way to use visual storytelling for face-to-face presentations and virtual sales events.

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