Canada Type Acquires the Rimmer Type Foundry

July 1, 2012 in Publishing (E)

[] Toronto, Canada, Canada Type, a font development studio based in Toronto, has acquired the Rimmer Type Foundry (RTF) from P22 Type Foundry, Inc. The RTF library contains the complete body of work of Canadian design icon Jim Rimmer (1934-2010), who was an enormous influence on Canadian type design and private press printing, and the subject of Richard Kegler's documentary, Making Faces: Metal Type in the 21st Century. The RTF library contains many popular font families, such as Albertan, Amethyst, Credo, Dokument and Stern, as well as quite a few analog designs that were never produced in digital.

Now that Rimmer's work has been repatriated, it will be remastered and expanded by Canada Type, then re-released to the public, starting in the fall of 2012. Jim's analog work will also be produced digitally and available to the public alongside his remastered and expanded work.

Once Jim's designs are re-released, part of their sales will be donated to fund the Canada Type Scholarship, an award given annually to design students in Canada. This will be done in coordination with the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC), the national professional association that awarded Jim Rimmer with the prestigious GDC Fellowship in 2007.

About P22
P22 type foundry, located in Buffalo, NY, has been creating digital fonts inspired by art and history since 1994. P22's auspicious beginning came in the art museum and gift shop marketplace due to co-owner Richard Kegler's background as a handmade book designer. The earliest font releases were based on artist handwriting and often paired a text font with a set of extras based on the artist's artwork. These sets were offered on a floppy diskette and then packaged within materials akin to 45-rpm style records. By the close of the decade, Richard and his business partner and wife, Carima El-Behairy, saw P22 emerge as one of the leading online independent type foundries, primarily due its work with museums and foundations on the development of accurate historical typefaces. Since 2000, P22 has expanded operations with the addition of new brands including the acquisition of the Lanston Type Company, with historical ties dating back to the 1800s. Today, the P22 library contains approximately 250 font families and well over 1,000 individual type styles. P22 continues to develop new type designs with enhanced OpenType features and webfont compatibility.

About GDC
Founded in 1956, the GDC is the certification body for graphic and communication designers in Canada. Only qualified graphic and visual communicators licensed by the GDC are entitled to use the CGD certification mark in relation to their services in Canada. With over 1,000 members across Canada, the GDC promotes high standards of design and ethics that benefit Canadian commerce, public service and education.

Canada Type is a Toronto-based font development studio, founded in 2004 by Rebecca Alaccari and Patrick Griffin as means to provide professional type solutions to brands and creatives all over the world. The Canada Type retail library includes many widely-used original faces and notable historic revivals, featuring best-selling designs by Philip Bouwsma, Kevin King, Thomas Lincoln, Hans van Maanen, Rod McDonald, Bill Troop, and now Jim Rimmer. Canada Type's project-specific design and licensing clients include, among others, large publishing houses, telecom and media companies, hardware and software firms, film production studios, academic institutes and design agencies.