MacMate Adds Gallery Online Photo Sharing Feature

July 2, 2012 in iWeb (E)

[] New York, New York - MacMate, the popular multi-use cloud service for Mac users, has introduced its much anticipated Galleries feature into it's service. MacMate launched in April as a MobileMe replacement service for Mac users searching for a place to continue hosting their iWeb websites, replace their iDisk cloud storage functionality and email services. MacMate now includes Galleries - the easiest way to create online photo galleries for users to share online with family and friends.

"It's easy. All you need is a Mac, a mouse and some photos," claims their website.

The most innovative feature of MacMate Galleries is the ability to create a Gallery with just one click or drag-and-drop a folder into the Galleries folder on the MacMate disk on the users desktop - instantly creating an online Gallery. Users can then adjust the theme, title and description of the Gallery with just a few clicks of the mouse. The galleries are displayed online at various optimised resolutions including Retina options and lower resolution and formatting for iPhone and iPad.

Barry Rhodes, lead developer for the Galleries feature said "We've helped thousands of customers move their iWeb sites from MobileMe to MacMate and the main feature request was Galleries, to replace MobileMe's gallery feature. So we prioritised that and came up with some gorgeous themes and a really easy to use interface and creation method. We're really pleased with the result. The aim was to make it easy, great looking and to really showcase users photos without any distracting interface options. We think we've achieved that and are working to add and improve it further."

The Cloud just got easy. One Cloud, a million uses.

MacMate combine the best in web hosting - supporting one-click publishing from iWeb (as well as applications like Rapidweaver, Freeway, Sandvox and Dreamweaver) with a desktop-mounted cloud disk, fully featured "business class" email and now Galleries. It's controlled from a simple web interface with an iOS app for iPhone and iPad in development. MacMate is a single-price product at $119 per year. Users can increase the disk space up to 100gig, increase emails from 3 to as many as required and can add existing domains or register them with MacMate.

Apple has come under a lot of criticism for it's handling of the discontinuation of MobileMe, which closed it's doors on the 30th June - leaving hundreds of thousands of users scrambling to find replacements, download their iDisk data and re-publish their websites. This combined with several outages in May and June of their iCloud and Email service. iCloud is the replacement for MobileMe but Apple has decided it does not want to be in the web hosting business anymore and has dropped this and true cloud-storage from it's free iCloud service. Galleries in particular were tightly built-in to MobileMe and therefore it's very difficult to migrate users library of galleries to other providers.

Gary Hall, CEO and founder of MacAce commented on this subject, "I can understand Apple's reasoning behind dropping these features from iCloud - Apple is a hardware and software company foremost, a music distributor and an innovator - hosting and email is not something they were very good at, but we are. It's good for companies like mine, we're happy to take on the challenge of building on what MobileMe was in our MacMate product. We have some very big shoes to fill and we just hope we can build on what Apple wanted MobileMe to be in the first place whilst putting our own stamp on it. We're not looking to compete directly with iCloud, just make MacMate elegant and intuitive in it's design and function, robustly reliable and fast. We've learnt a lot from Apple on much of this ethos."

MacMate is a service from MacAce, the award-winning Mac ISP. Winner of MacUser's "Best Web Host" in both 2010 and 2011, winner of "Best Mac friendly ISP" in the 2009 Macworld awards and nominated and currently shortlisted in the Customer Choice, Best Managed Service and Best Consumer Customer Service Award in the 2012 ISPA awards (winners to be announced July 3rd).

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