ERGOSIGN presents ANTETYPE 1.1.5

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[] Saarbrcken, Germany - ERGOSIGN announces the release 1.1.5 is now available for free for all ANTETYPE customers. In the past months ERGOSIGN employees succeeded in extending ANTETYPEs design and prototyping capabilities with new features and made it even faster and more reliable.

ANTETYPE - the innovative design and prototyping tool:
ANTETYPE is an application that supports UX designers at every step of their work and is especially developed for Mac. Unlike common design tools, which only support individual steps of the design process and require repetitive work, ANTETYPE allows designers to work faster and more focused while being flexible and integrative at the same time.

The application offers UX designers a comprehensive feature set to create interactive prototypes. From the predefined Look & Feels and Widgets to completely custom creations, with the possibility to propagate changes to reoccurring elements within and across projects, every step in the ANTETPYPE workflow boosts the performance of the UX designer tremendously. Furthermore dynamic layout options guarantee a simple adaption to various screen sizes and resolutions. The UX designer does not have to bother about nudging elements around over and over again, because everything can be arranged and aligned automatically.

With ANTETYPE, UX designers can create all kinds of prototypes; from simple wireframes to high-fidelity visual designs. Static screens can easily be enriched with interactivity to achieve higher recognition from all stakeholders in presentations or to conduct more realistic user testings. Interactive designs made with ANTETYPE can be exported to web browsers and iOS devices with no additional effort. ANTETYPE even supports the latest devices with retina displays.

Because of the gain in productivity, performance and quality, many companies and freelance UX designers are already using ANTETYPE successfully, to create both visually detailed and interactive Designs.

New Features of ANTETYPE 1.1.5
* Updated Look & Feels - New widgets were added and all default Look & Feels were updated to reflect the latest appearances of Android 2.3, iOS and Mac OS X.
* Export CSS Code - To close the gap between Design and Development, styles can simply be copied as CSS code and pasted into any IDE. The code is optimized and utilizes the latest CSS3 features.
* Retina Output - In order to perfectly support the retina displays, pixel graphics can simply be exported in multiples of their design resolution.
* Improved Cell Rendering & smarter Cell Grouping
* Improved Text Tools with line height support
* Optimized Web and iOS Export
* New Contextual Menu
* Improved iOS viewer with retina resolution support - Sign up today for a free beta invite!

For additional information about the new features of ANTETYPE 1.1.5, please visit website.

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