Free! Bomb The Blob - 640 Seconds Challenge Version - for iPhone 4 or 4s

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[] Bandung, Indonesia - A unique survival "blow them all, fight to the end" type of game, where the bomb comes out from your finger, into the screen, then boom!!!

Different then "Bomb The Blob - The 1 Hour Super Challenge" (full version), this free version gives you 640 seconds of the action. Yes, you need to survive for 640 seconds, easy right? Nope!.. most players took more then 20 - 30 attempts of playing to pass through the 640 seconds survival time.

Yes this game is challenging. Every second is a challenge, you get to meet different kinds of blobs and different kinds of blob waves to defeat, the longer you're in play the more challenging it gets, but don't worry, more powerful weapons to choose and power ups will help you to fight pass trough it, the trick is don't panic, be smart, think fast and act faster.

This game is totally fun and will entertain you for a very long time, with amazing artwork graphics and super smooth character movements. Just be careful of being too addicted to this game.

How long can you survive? Compare with your friends, family, are you better then them? can you survive the longest? or maybe you could be the one that could finish the game?

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New in the 1.2 version:
Improved game performance and a better explanation on the "shooting" tutorial.

New in the 1.3 version:
A cursor on the "targeting" finger when playing and a new Home Page.

iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s.

Pricing and Availability:
Bomb The Blob - 640 Seconds Challenge Version is free and available on the App Store. Visit Oryzano Game Mobile website for more information the developers games

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