Indev Software releases Mail Act-On 2.0.3

February 28, 2009 in Utility (E)

[] Montreal, Canada - Indev Software releases Mail Act-On 2.0.3 and introduces delayed read flagging. Mail Act-On 2.0.3 is a maintenance release that resolves numerous issues, including several stability and reliability issues with outbox rules, compatibility with Safari 4 beta, and responsiveness when invoking Act-On Rules and accessing menus.

Mail Act-On 2.0.3 also introduces three new issues to make management of email even more efficient. Delay read flagging lets you preview a message for a time period before the message is marked as read. The spacebar in Act-On 2.0.3 becomes more powerful, allowing you to mark a message as read immediately and allowing you to advance to the next unread message (rather than the default next message). Mail Act-On 2.0.3 also introduces compatibility with Olive Toast's software, MiniMail. MiniMail minimizes the message viewer to a small window that focuses on new messages. This version of Act-On lets you apply rules and other Act-On features on the current message being displayed in the MiniMail window.

Complete List of Changes to Mail Act-On 2.0.3

New feature: Delay of Mark as Read and Spacebar message selection.
* Added preference setting to mark message as read after a delay.
* Added preference setting to mark message as read immediately with space bar
* Added preference setting to use spacebar to advance to next unread message (rather than next message)

New feature: Support for Olive Toast Software's MiniMail
* Act-on rules and menus can be invoked when the message window is a MiniMail window.

Resolved issues:
* Fixed possible crash at startup.
* Fixed possible crash when applying a outbox rule containing a reply or forward action.
* Fixed issue where undo of act-on may have resulted in lost message.
* Fixed issues of outbox rules not applying or applying incorrectly when mail is offline.
* Fixed compability issue with Safari Beta 4 where Act-On keys would not register if keyboard focus -was preview or single message viewer.
* Act-on menu items now work with displayed in a single message viewer.
* Fixed issue were modifier keys were not allowed for use with trigger keys in menu preferences.
* MailTags Panel will now update immediately after applying Act-On rule that results in tag changes.
* Fixed appearance of To Inbox/To Outbox buttons in Rule Preferences.
* Fixed issue of menu being moved to a second (no longer attached) screen.
* Optimized construction of Mailbox menus.
* Fixed issue with entering extended trial keys.

Mail Act-On 2.0.3 is free for all registered Mail Act-On 2 users.

Indev Software is the leading developer of enhancements for Apple's Mail Application. It's two flagship products have revolutionized how people organize their email on their Macs. Copyright 2009 Indev Software. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, and Apple "Mail" are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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