Beware of Speed Download patches on Torrent sites

March 2, 2009 in Networks and FTP (E)

[] Chicago, Illinois - We have recently been informed that a patch file, by the name of, 'Speed Download[P]' has been circulating around in various torrent sites. This file was designed to circumvent the registration mechanism of Speed Download in order to get it to work without buying a license. We strongly recommend that everyone steer clear from this file due to reports of severe system instability and mysterious network activity resulting from the use of this likely trojan.

A Trojan is a program that may appear to be legitimate, but in fact does something malicious. Trojans are often used to gain backdoor access - that is to say remote, surreptitious access, to a user's system. Trojans do not replicate as viruses do, nor make copies of themselves as worms do.

Based on our own records, the person, masquerading under the name of '[K]ambing [K]entut' has purchased Speed Download licenses using stolen/fraudelent credit cards and is most likely using them to distribute his/her own 'patched' version(s). This person does not seem to have any regards for the damage caused by his/her actions. We urge all users to be very careful with regards to what they download and to report any/all incidents to the proper authorities.

We consider this incident to be high risk. It's not worth it to potentially sabotage your computer and your files in order to save a few dollars. It should also be noted that this file can be easily renamed. To be safe, Speed Download should only be downloaded from the Yazsoft website. Everyone that has downloaded and used this patch is urged to remove it immediately.

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Yazsoft was founded in 2001 to develop software expressly for the Mac platform. With an emphasis on total customer satisfaction, Yazsoft makes up a development team of 5 professionals, each responsible for coding, marketing, and total customer support. As Yazsoft's spotlight product, Speed Download is regularly updated to ensure optimal performance at all times. Copyright (C) 2001-2007 Yazsoft. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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