Fusion Ads Announces Network Expansion

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[prMac.com] Toronto, ON/Canada - With over 1,200,000 relevant impressions a month to a distinct audience of designers, creators, and productivity gurus, Fusion is the most efficient way to target and deploy ads that will reach across nineteen well-established sites to each of their dedicated readerships. Our aim is to provide a pleasant experience to our readers and value to our customers. With the addition of 9 new sites pushing overall network traffic to over 1,200,000 page views a month, we're doing just that.

New additions:
* Instapaper
* Compfight
* Prettify
* Alex Payne
* Jack Cheng
* Sushi and Robots (Jina Bolton)
* Monday by Noon
* Warpspire
* Daniel Mall

Premium Advertising

Fusion rethinks traditional advertising by offering well-designed, premium advertisements to an engaged audience. The distinguishing factor between Fusion and typical ad networks is that only a single Fusion ad is shown per page, and each ad is displayed prominently 'above the fold' on all sites in the network. There are currently ten advertisement spots available, and all ads rotate equally between each of the nineteen sites.

While this is contrary to the traditional wisdom of advertising - cramming as many ads as possible on a page - we believe that the value of Fusion's ads are that they're exclusive. With a single, unobtrusive ad shown on each page, sponsors don't have to compete for attention among other advertisers, and readers don't feel insulted by flashy banner ads.

Quality and Affordability

We believe that by fusing quality content with premium advertisements we can create the ideal platform to distribute and communicate your messages - and a big part of that is being affordable. Fusion offers the greatest value, quality ads at a cost-effective and attractive price point.

Purchasing a Fusion ad gives you a month of exclusive access to a community of loyal readers that are interested in your product. Fusion ads include a 130 by 100 pixel image and an additional 80 characters of text. All animation is forbidden. The current rate is $820 (USD) per ad per month, and is valid through March 31st, 2009.

Fusion aims to provide advertisers with a targeted and effective platform to distribute their messages to an influential audience at an affordable price. Copyright Fusion Ads 2009 All Rights Reserved (C). Email Michael Mistretta and Chris Bowler with inquires, questions, or to partner with Fusion to serve great ads to readers.


Michael Mistretta

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