Nexx Studio Releases Photo Spot Lite

March 5, 2009 in Photo and Video (F)

[] Subang Jaya, Malaysia - Nexx Studio has announced the release of Photo Spot Lite, a free version of Photo Spot for iPhone and iPod Touch platform. Photo Spot is one of the most popular Spot The Difference title on the App Store. Photo Spot takes the classic touch screen "spot the difference" game to your iPhone and iPod Touch! Users will have to spot 4 differences in each levels with only three 'hints' to help you survive the decreasing timer in the game.

Photo Spot Lite features over 20 interactive levels from the full version alongside with the functionality that can be enjoyed in Photo Spot. iPhone and iPod Touch gamers that had hesitated about getting about getting the full version of Photo Spot can now try the Photo Spot Lite and find out what have you been missing out.

Photo Spot is currently the Top 50 Puzzle Games and at the same time claim the Top 25 spot in Family Games in the App Store. The game was also featured in Feb 6 edition of the MacWorld's iPhone game roundup while the iPhone Touch Fans forum gave us a generous 9.7/10 rating and subsequently warned that "you won't be able to stop playing" once you've tried it.

Nexx Studio is an independent iPhone application development company operated by Kenneth Wong. Photo Spot is the first product that the company have produced and it features one of the best Spot The Difference title on the App Store. With the success of the game app, Nexx Studio is currently working to produce more top quality game applications for it's existing supporters and also shifting some of it's resources to the development of Business applications.