SwingBox takes you on a swingy, bumpy and colorful rhythmic trip

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[prMac.com] Tel Aviv, Israel - Debut game from the Israeli indie game development team - Avocado Jive. SwingBox is a reflex arcader in which the main target is to swing the SwingBox in the right direction according to the indicated colors & sounds. Sounds easy? Guess again...

Your success depends on your response time to the color indications, as the game progresses the colors indications pace increase and the response time shortens. In order to accumulate as much points as possible, you need to click the moving notes buttons in the background. Hitting the notes buttons fast enough activates combos of colors sequence! Be careful not to click on the power-off buttons, which will decrease your points and stop your combo's sequence. There are more special bonus buttons for you to discover as you play on.

Graphic & Sound:
The graphic design combines 3D and 2D game objects, rich colors, and musical element throughout the game. The original electronic music and sound effects were influenced by the game's arcade atmosphere. The background music is a main element in SwingBox, it develops and the rhythm increases as you progress throughout the levels of the game and according to your gameplay success.

The game has easy to use and intuitive control interface. You can control SwingBox in one of two ways - Tilt the device (using gyroscope/ accelerometer depending on the devices hardware) to swing the SwingBox in the tilt direction, or swipe your finger across the SwingBox to swing it in your finger swipe direction. Activate the moving buttons by simple touch gesture, that is only if you'll be fast enough to click'em before they disappear out of the screen.

SwingBox has 3 different game modes (in the full game, the free lite version has only the classic mode)
* Classic mode - you've got 3 strikes, the difficulty level increases as the game progresses. Hit the battery buttons to get some strikes back.
* Arcade mode - you have 120 seconds, no strikes. In this mode there is also a "freeze" button that will stop the timer count down and give you some extra swinging time!
* Multiplayer mode - Invite friends or any random player via game center to an online match! In this mode there are three different types of buttons moving in the background - your buttons (green ones), the opponent buttons (red ones), and a bonus button (yellow) for the player who hits it first! Hit notes combos for gaining bonus points. The winner is the player with the higher score in 90 seconds.

SwingBox takes you on a swingy, bumpy and colorful rhythmic trip!
Keep your tempo, be the master of swings with every color and sound.
If you're looking for a fun game, a game that will take you long time to master… SwingBox is just the game for you! It's easy to start playing and hard to dominate. It will take you on a journey and challenge your skills playing for the high-scores or online with friends.

Color your life!
Swing it with the rest of us!

Device Capability:
* iPad (2,3).
* iPhone (3GS, 4, 4S).

Located in Tel Aviv, Israel, A group of friends that develop games for each other. We are gammers at night and developers at day. We have a dream to do both all day! Copyright (C) 2012 Avocado Jive. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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