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[prMac.com] Atlanta, Georgia - JL Software is please to announce that its popular Mafia Boss app for iPhone and iPod touch is now available in a feature-packed Moderator Edition. The new Moderator Edition adds the ability to assign roles to players, from an included list or a custom entry; assign player alignment (Town, Mafia, or Independent) with one tap, and view a dynamic display of current Town:Mafia:Independent census in the game.

The new Roles and Alignment features allow a Mafia game Moderator to quickly assign these attributes and see the game status at all times. Players who currently keep separate spreadsheets of revealed roles and Town:Mafia census can now use Mafia Boss Moderator Edition to automatically maintain this data in real time. Mafia Boss Moderator Edition includes all of the popular features of the standard Mafia Boss application.

New Features:
* Assign a role to each player
* Assign the player's Alignment (Town, Mafia, or Independent)
* Player names appear in the main player list color-coded by Alignment
* View the Town:Mafia:Independent census at all times
* Change Alignment or Role at any time
* Add, Delete, or Replace any player at any time, and role and alignment follows
* Automatically saves state of the game at any point, and returns to that exact state on re-launch
* Automatically determines Town or Mafia win condition and displays winning side

Minimum Requirements:
* iPhone or iPod touch - all models
* 2.1.1 firmware update
* iTunes

Mafia Boss Moderator Edition adds the features that you need to follow all aspects of a game, and to generate roles and alignments when setting up a game as Game Moderator.

"Mafia" (aka Werewolf) is a multiplayer strategy and role-playing game popular at parties, get-togethers, and in online forums. The basic tenet of the game is the pitting of an "uninformed majority" against an "informed minority." The Town, the uninformed majority, are not aware of who belongs to the Town, or who belongs to the Mafia. The Mafia, however, do know who the other Mafia members are.

The Town tries to determine who the Mafia members are by questioning and observing online behavior, and tries to vote off ("lynch") a player hoping that player is Mafia. If they eliminate all of the Mafia, the Town wins.

The Mafia try to blend in to appear as normal Town members. At night, the Mafia get to try and eliminate one of the Town members by execution. But the execution may fail due to the Town having a Doctor who can protect one player, or a Role Blocker who can block a player he suspects of being Mafia, nullifying the Mafia's night execution.

Many other roles can be used - the Town can have a Cop who can investigate a player each night to see if that player is Mafia, or can have any number of other "power roles" that can follow players movements, switch players' night actions, and in general assist in ferreting out the Mafia. There can also be "Independent" players, whose only goal is to survive until the end of the game, and may possess weapons or other powers to assist them.

Mafia Boss Moderator Edition allows the Moderator or interested game player to enter each player's role from an included table of common roles, or to enter any custom-named role they choose, and assign any Alignment (team membership) to any role. The Alignments assigned are displayed in the main player list by the color of the player's name: black for Town, red for Mafia, and blue for Independent.

Get Mafia Boss Moderator for the complete feature set, or choose our Mafia Boss standard edition if you do not require the Moderator features.

JL Software LLC has expertise in Cocoa programming for the Macintosh platform and has been creating compelling applications for Macintosh computers since 2001 and the iPhone/iPod touch platforms since 2008. The company specializes in medical applications, specifically those relevant to high-risk Obstetrics. Copyright 2008-2009 JL Software LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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