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[] Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine - The Protrader 2 platform is a broker-neutral trading software developed by the PFSoft company. This DMA platform allows its users always see actual rates from international markets, and execute orders instantly whether there is strong news or not.

Fully customizable interface:
When a user opens Protrader 2 for the first time the platform looks rather unfamiliar. But it's all about a matter of habit. Protrader 2 has a fully customizable interface that is why every trader can create a visually appealing workspace based on his personal criteria and preferences. It's rather convenient when you can put this or that button where you want to see it, and arrange dockable panels how you like to. After that you can save your own created workspace and load it every time you need it. The number of such custom workspaces is unlimited. Those traders who don't want to create them are provided with five default workspaces - nothing was left to chance by the software developers.

Advanced charting:
What is one the most essential things for every trader, whether he is a pips hunter, a swing trader or a news trader, etc? Of course, it is chart and its functions for trading. Protrader 2 provides its customers with all the necessary instruments for a pleasant user experience. You have many useful gadgets directly on the chart for a deeper technical analysis. One of them is overlay function, which enables to lay one graph of the currency pair on the other in order to see correlations between instruments. With the Protrader 2 you are able to see price action of two or more currency pairs simply on one Chart. Also you can custom timeframes and choose between regular or exotic chart types. For active traders there is a one-click order management directly from the chart. In such a way you can easily drag and drop your SL or TP, for example, using no confirmation if you are a scalper or with confirmation if you have any uncertainties about orders modifying. If you have no opportunity to stare at the monitor all the time and watch currencies movement, with Protrader 2 by creating any condition you want to when it is fulfilled you will receive a special message/e-mail or a sound will be played or even a new order/ position will be opened/canceled.

Order Entry panel:
It is important to mention about Order Entry panel. One of them is built-in directly in the chart and it can be hidden when you don't need it. With this panel traders can make transactions actively, picking the necessary type of order (Market, Limit, Stop, Stop limit, OCO), filling in the number of lots and placing SL or TP. Execution of orders is instant. The complete data about order a trader can see in the separate Order Entry panel: information about the volume of spread, swap and margin.

Additional risk management tool:
Without installing additional applications traders have at their disposal a risk management tool - autosizing amount. In such a way it is possible to monitor whether an order is worth opening or no.

FX Board:
For scalpers there is FX board panel where a user has only BUY and SELL buttons at his fingertips for sending instant market orders and information about price's day high and low is displayed.

A wide range of instruments for a comprehensive technical analysis
For a comprehensive technical analysis a wide range of intelligent instruments is provided. A trader can choose from over 60 system indicators and also he can add his custom indicators. Drawing tools are represented by Fibonacci Arcs, Fibonacci Spirals and many others. Using the Protrader 2 you become a professional trader who opens orders deliberately and effectively.

Algo Studio - a powerful environment for strategies scripting, optimization and back testing. One more advantage of the Protrader 2 should be mentioned here. The platform has a powerful tool for strategies scripting, optimization and back-testing - Algo studio. The most important is that it supports 2 popular languages - C# and MQL4. We know that most of the forex strategies are written in MQL4 and it is very convenient that Algo studio supports this language because a trader won't waste his time on coding his strategy into the other language for further optimization or back testing.

Using Protrader 2 platform you get a broad range of sophisticated tools for a professional trading and strategy programming, furthermore, all tools can be customized the way you like.

PFSoft has been providing B2B technologies for operating on all major markets including Forex, stocks, futures, options, forwards and CFDs since 2003. Our software is Protrader 2 - the multi-asset trading platform that provides complete functionality for brokerage activity, allowing business to have essential advantages in highly competitive market. Copyright (C) 2011 PFSoft. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Mac OS X platforms are trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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