MacForensicsLab Inc. releases MacLockPick 2.1

March 28, 2009 in Software (F)

[] Newark, CA - MacForensicsLab Inc. announces an upgrade to their cross-platform digital forensic field tool. In addition to extracting suspect evidence from Windows and Mac OS X systems, MacLockPick 2.1 now extracts data from Linux systems too. Now investigations aren't limited by the operating system a suspect is running. Version 2.1 also adds a number of new plugins to make acquiring important suspect information easier then ever.

The need for timely identification, and meaningful interpretation of electronic media has never been more critical.

In this technologically advanced and ever-changing environment, investigators are constantly faced with the challenges of maintaining the integrity of the crime scene whilst ensuring the data remains viable. Dealing with cyber criminals requires the need to include on-scene forensic triage, and the success of these operations is measured in minutes, not days.

New MacLockPick plugins have been built to extract specific Windows registry information that may be of value to investigators.

Through the exploitation of the structure of the Windows operating system to find pertinent information, MacLockPick shortens the investigators time required. Information such as recently launched applications, Internet Explorer URLs visited, SSIDs of wireless networks, USB drive history, full iPhone history, VNC server history and more can now be extracted quickly and simply.

With the addition of a Linux version of MacLockPick II, investigators can now use the power of MacLockPick II to extract suspect information from Linux systems. Suspects are no longer safe no matter what OS they're using. The best first responder tool is now truly cross-platform.

MacLockPick II is expandable to provide maximum flexibility and power to support forensics investigations thanks to the plug-in based architecture. MacLockPick II allows forensics investigators to add third party plug-ins to further enhance the abilities of MacLockPick.

Pricing and Availability:
Pricing is $499 USD ($399 for licensed law enforcement). Upgrade pricing starts at $299 (upgrade plans are available and many users are already covered by the upgrade/maintenance plan). All current MacLockPick license holders may contact SubRosaSoft for upgrade information. Review units are available immediately. Media and interested parties may request them by contacting SubRosaSoft.

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