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[] Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine - Protrader 2 is an advanced DMA platform for those who wish to receive innovative solutions in trading. Software's users are provided with all the up-to-date instruments for a comprehensive analysis and professional trading. In the previous article we analyzed main and most powerful advantages of this software. Now we are going to examine some of its useful tools, which make trading even more convenient and quick.

Saved Orders Panel:
The first feature we are going to have a good look at is Saved Orders panel. Using it, traders are able to send unlimited number of orders simultaneously instead of managing them one by one manually. Just imagine you put the needed orders in one place, modify them any time you need and when right time comes - send all orders simply by one click. And all these instruments are always at your disposal in one place.

Quick access buttons in Positions and Orders panels:
It doesn't matter whether you are a scalper or a long-term positions holder because each trader always needs to have a handy environment where orders and positions can be managed by one-click. With the Protrader 2 platform you do have such opportunities which put you ahead of anyone else. Here you can see these buttons which enable to close/reverse/close negative or positive positions by one click, also to cancel all/buy/sell/limits orders by one click and much more. There is no need in installing additional applications which enable operating all the positions/orders simultaneously or selectively because you already have all these instruments in the Protrader 2.

When it comes to personal time you will definitely agree that each of us values it highly. The same thing is with trading - the process takes too many efforts, so much time and you don't always have an opportunity for a regular sitting at the monitor and price movements scanning. Using such feature as alerts helps a trader to save his personal time without causing harm to trading process. Alerts function works very simple: a user selects the instrument, creates the needed condition and puts the action he intends to do: receive a message or e-mail, to play a sound, to place/cancel order or even open a position. For example, you don't want to miss when a certain level is crossed by the price, but there is no time for monitor staring. All you have to do is to draw this level on the chart, fill in the condition and a special sound will warn you when time comes.

Custom Columns:
Protrader 2 platform allows creating a special custom column(s) in table panels. Due to that user is able to imply any calculations using special formulas. For example, the information about price change from yesterday's closing, etc. You are not limited in the instruments of trading possibilities extension of last is always at your fingertips.

Protrader 2 provides its users with fully customizable hotkeys. With their help traders are able to respond to all the market's conversions immediately. Besides, there is a possibility of creating such custom actions as order placing, trading system running, adding indicator and even more. That is why next time when you look at your chart and see that it's a perfect moment for shorting simply press two buttons on your keyboard and catch the market's wave.

Filter Manager:
The last but no less important feature in our list is Filter Manager. It enables traders easily to filter large tables in order to display information they need using only specific conditions. For example, if you need to see in the Watchlist panel instruments with % change less than 0, it is possible to adjust it with this function. In such away unnecessary data will never draw your attention away from trading.

Operating the Protrader 2 platform, users benefit from a broad range of effective features which make trading more convenient and confident. You are able to create a helpful environment that totally meets all your requirements and preferences without installing additional applications.

PFSoft has been providing B2B technologies for operating on all major markets including Forex, stocks, futures, options, forwards and CFDs since 2003. Our software is Protrader 2 - the multi-asset trading platform that provides complete functionality for brokerage activity, allowing business to have essential advantages in highly competitive market. Copyright (C) 2012 PFSoft. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Mac OS X platforms are trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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