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[] Edison, New Jersey - Today, Microsoft has become synonymous with software technology. World's largest software giant, it has permeated every sphere of our life. Be it the home front or business, Microsoft has contributed to making the lives of students, homemakers, businessmen and professionals around the world simpler, easier and faster. Since the time it was born, Microsoft has been using Windows as their base OS. However, in recent times, looking at the increasing surge in Mac users, who would love to use Office anyway, Microsoft has come up with Microsoft Office for the Mac.

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 is compatible with Office for Windows. And since there are over a billion Mac and PC users worldwide, this means you can synchronize and work together with anyone, anywhere, anyhow you want! You can be on the same page with Microsoft Office for Mac and Office for Windows, and share files or work together online with no difficulty whatsoever!

Now, what is different in Microsoft Office for the Mac? For one, put aside your worries of having to learn new software, most of us are pretty bad at that! So, Microsoft has taken care to keep the basic commands, formats and interfaces untouched, except for certain improvements that you'll love! For instance, the menus and tool bars are replaced by what is called the Ribbon. This result oriented User interface aims at providing you a less cluttered and a more organized task pane. So, while the Ribbon would consist of only the most relevant commands for each application, the Home tab would include some of the more frequently used commands. The Ribbon thus helps you locate commands more easily and makes work quicker and more hassle free.

In Microsoft Office for Mac, individual applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. are all there with some improvements. For instance, Word 2011 now has additional templates and document types. More interestingly, many of Microsoft Publisher's features have been added to Word 2011, which is sure to make document creation a fun experience! Besides, you can also use Windows Live Sky Drive or SharePoint Workspace to share files and work in collaboration with teams. According to reviews, Office for Mac 2011 also comes with better Automaton support for creation of Automator Workflows in Word and other Office 2011 products. What's more these exciting features come to you at equally exciting discounts with Mac promo codes at

Office for Mac 2011 Home and Student is power packed with the three most essential tools which add color and life to mundane everyday tasks! These are Word 2011, Excel2011 and PowerPoint 2011. Office for Mac 2011 Home and Student is available in two variants - "For one Mac" and "For up to three Macs". If you go for the first product, priced at $119.99, your license is applicable to a single home computer only. However, your Mac promo codes can help you earn a considerable discount if you need to install the program on more than one Mac. The second product lets you install the program on up to three Macs for just $149.99. Thus, by paying a marginal extra amount, your Mac promo codes help you to do with one license what otherwise would have required you to purchase three different licenses. So hurry! Get your Microsoft office for Mac coupons quick and avail of the benefits of discounted installation! And just to let you know, you have the option of downloading it or shipping it, shipping being free of charge. In case you are looking for more, Office for Mac Home and Business 2011 comes with the additional and improved Outlook, at $199.99.

And there's more! Now buy the Office University 2011 at a student price of only $99.99. Get the Microsoft office Mac student promo code now and get the best of Office tools without breaking your piggy bank!

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