Pocket Watch Software releases ActivePrint Traveler 1.0

March 29, 2009 in Travel (E)

[prMac.com] Beaumont, Texas - Pocket Watch Software is proud to announce the release of ActivePrint Traveler for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. With the addition of ActivePrint Traveler to the Apple iTunes App Store, we have now brought a new level of printing capability to iPhone users for just $3.99 (USD).

With ActivePrint Traveler on your iPhone all you need is an internet connection, something to print, and the free ActivePrint Traveler Helper Application (available for free) which can be run from a USB flash drive on any Windows PC. No juggling IP Addresses, port numbers, or network security. Simply print from your iPhone no matter where you go.

Features include printing photos from your photo album or device camera, contacts from the address book, web pages, plain text from a built in notepad screen, support for multiple copies, and both Portrait and Landscape paper orientation. Print via any internet connection no matter where you go to practically any printer.

How does ActivePrint Traveler Help you print from your iPhone or iPod Touch? It is probably the simplest mobile printing solution for your phone. So the short answer to this question is very easily.

Let's say you're like most of us who use mobile phones and you take photos everywhere you go using your phone's built in camera. Wouldn't it be great if you could easily have that photo printed while away from your home or office? With the ActivePrint Traveler installed on your phone you can. After you've taken the photo simply run the ActivePrint Traveler app and choose the "Photo from Album" option. Depending on the phone you're using you will see a list of the photos currently stored on your phone, including the one you just took.

Just select that photo and then tell ActivePrint Traveler if you want multiple copies, or if you want it to print in portrait or landscape mode, and then send it. Your photo will then be safely and securely sent to our server where it will wait in your free account.

Later that day you return to your home, your office, or the hotel you're staying at and run the ActivePrint Traveler Helper Application (available for free here) on a desktop or laptop with a printer. This program will then automatically download and print your photo from your account.

So it's as simple as this:
Step 1: Take a photo
Step 2: Send it to our server to be printed
Step 3: Run the ActivePrint Traveler Helper Application on a PC to have your photo printed

And you're not limited to just photos. You can print contacts from your address book, office documents (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), Adobe Acrobat PDF files, appointments from you calendar, web pages, and more. There are no IP addresses or port numbers to juggle. Just your email address and a password that you choose.

Founded in 2002 as Pocket Watch Software by Charles W. Teel, our company launched what has continued to be our lead product, ActivePrint. Charles developed the idea of ActivePrint as a college student after getting his first Pocket PC. In class he would write pages and pages of notes on his Pocket PC but would have to manually copy those files to his desktop computer and then print them one at a time. Frustrated, he looked for a software alternative to make this process simpler. But the closest thing he could find would require another $400 of hardware and software, and even then it wouldn't fully automate the process.So Charles set out to develop ActivePrint, the first and only mobile printing application that gives users the ability to print right out of the box at an affordable price (even for college students). Pocket Watch Software continued to develop the ActivePrint technology to make it more effective. After reorganizing Pocket Watch Software to Pocket Watch LLC, we continue the legacy of making technology work for our customers.


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