Press Release HAMSoft releases Simple WindowSets 3.0 - Easy Finder Window Management Apr 02, 2009 in Utility HAMSoft Engineering today released Simple WindowSets 3.0 for Mac OS X. Simple WindowSets makes it easy for you to manage groups (sets) of Finder windows. Position some Finder windows on your desktop, arrange them however you want, with any view options you want, and then use Simple WindowSets to save them as a set. Then you can restore those windows any time you want by selecting the set from the menu. It's that easy. [] Lexington Park, Maryland - HAMSoft Engineering today released version 3 of Simple WindowSets. It's been completely rewritten from scratch to provide greater stability and to add powerful new features that weren't possible before. Simple WindowSets is used for managing Finder windows. The program runs from your menu-bar so it's easily accessible and always there when you need it. To use Simple WindowSets just open some Finder windows and then create a set for those windows. Once you have a set you can restore those windows any time you need them by selecting the set from the menu. There a many other things you can do to keep your window sets organized exactly how you want. Customize the menu with your own images. This allows you to structure the menu any way you like and also provides the ability to have categories of window sets. Feature Highlights: * Completely rewritten code from scratch! The new code is more reliable, faster, and allows for greater features in the future * Global keyboard shortcuts were added so you can restore your sets easily from within any application * The manager window has more powerful capabilities and has been totally redesigned to fit those capabilities * Many new preferences added so you have more control * Importing your window sets from prior versions is automatic * Many other advances Pricing and Availability: Simple WindowSets is $12.95 (USD). There is a 14 day trial period so you can try it before you buy it. Simple WindowSets works on Mac OS X 10.4 or higher. Visit HAMSoft Engineering for more details. HAMSoft Engineering is a small group of engineers who decided to combine our love of great technology with our admiration for Macintosh computers. We were drawn to the technology Apple Inc. has included in the latest versions of the Mac OSX operating system. Our goal is to engineer that technology into useful and fun products for Mac users. We've been in business almost 2 years now. Copyright 2009 HAMSoft Engineering. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, and Finder are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries. ### Hank McShane Founder 301-862-5271