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Introducing LeviSync, a Premium iPad Dock for iMac

Pipestone, MINNESOTA    Nov 01, 2012 in Accessories


LevTech, Inc is pleased to introduce LeviSync, a new way to sync and charge any full size iPad with an iMac. LeviSync, the only premium iPad accessory for iMac, is an iPad docking arm that mounts on the back of an iMac computer. It doesn't take up desk space and helps charge and sync an iPad with an iMac. LeviSync's unique design supports iPads in a new way, because an iPad deserves to be up off it's back in a position to get work done all day long.


[] Pipestone, Minnesota - LevTech, Inc is pleased to introduce LeviSync, a new way to sync and charge any iPad. The iPad is a wonderful device that many many people use daily, but statistics show that iPads are used primarily for web browsing and primarily in the evening hours. We all eagerly awaited the day when the tablet computer would be integrated into our lives, now it is, but here at LevTech we feel it's been relegated to a small subset of our time. The desktop computer still does the heavy lifting through most of the day, relegating the iPad to sit, forgotten in some corner of your life. At LevTech we've decided to try to join the iPad to the iMac workhorse in a way that would allow the iPad to be a helper throughout the whole day's work. LeviSync is now for sale on its home site for a price of only $179 USD.

With an iPad positioned conveniently to one side of an iMac's large screen, suddenly the user has more screen real estate to make use of. LeviSync allows iPad to be close at hand for displaying stock charts, music playlists, videos, movies, email, and whatever the user finds useful. This positioning of the iPad makes a perfect perch for making FaceTime calls. Making FaceTime calls in this fashion keeps the desktop's screen free of yet another window, and allows the user to get up and take their call around the office or house with them.

Because LeviSync is an Apple accessory, we designed it to blend well with Apple's designs fluidly. LeviSync has solid bead-blasted Aluminum and Power-coated steel construction that make a very firm support. Also inline with Apple's minimalistic culture, LeviSync doesn't require the end user to be involved with cables each time they want to charge their iPad, nor does LeviSync take up extra desk space. LeviSync uses the iMac to suspend it self in mid air. LeviSync is designed with a zero configuration install, so no tools are required.

LeviSync provides extra utility to an iMac computer with it's 4-port USB hub that is hidden away under it's base. We designed LeviSync to be compatible with all full sized iPads on the market and iMacs from the current 2012 released iMac back all the way to the first Aluminum and black plastic enclosed iMacs. LeviSync allows the user freedom to position the docking arm to the left or right of the iMac, and to angle the iPad freely in any direction, portrait, landscape and everything in-between.


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LevTech, Inc was founded by a pair of cousins that have a passion for tech products and believe in opening new ways for users to interact productively with them. LevTech's goal is to continue innovating new products and bringing them to the public, so they can benefit from them. LevTech, Inc.. 1254 110th Ave, Pipestone, MN 56164. Copyright (C) 2012 LevTech, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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