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Screenium 1.1 Released - Screen Recording Tool Receives Important Update

Mainz,  DE   Apr 06, 2009 in Multimedia


Synium Software today announces Screenium 1.1. The important update boosts a redesigned, still more powerful capturing engine and adds new features to the popular audio and video productivity tool: configurable Mouse Effects, Dock Activity Indicators, as well as optimized YouTube and iPhone Export workflows. And the whole package has meanwhile become a true polyglot, with Spanish and Dutch as the most recent languages added on top of English, French, German and Italian.


[] Mainz/Germany - Synium Software update their popular screencapturing software Screenium to version 1.1. Following the much antecipated launch of Screenium 1.0 only a few months before, this new version now features many "under-the-hood" improvements to the already powerful capturing engine, one of the reasons for Screenium's highly acclaimed quality. In fact, the developers redesigned this core functionality to offer even better performance and synchronicity while recording multiple audio and video sources.

Screenium captures live video from your Mac's screen, combined with multichannel audio and picture-in-picture video and sound from your Mac's built-in iSight or externally tethered, QuickTime-compatible Webcam. Video tutorials and webcasts are a snap, combining and mixing voice-over from your built-in and any external microphone or audio device, together with system sounds or application audio.

New features in Screenium 1.1 include customizable visualization effects for Mouse actions - an animated mouse pointer to help your audience grasp what you are doing on-screen. The (optional) display of mouse button names has also been added, as well as Activity Indicators giving you immediate, yet unobstrusive feedback if Screenium is still running or even recording. To further improve on frequently-used features, the update also adds optimized export workflows, allowing to quickly create movies for YouTube or the Apple iPhone or iPod touch.

Screenium users appreciate Screenium's custom captions ("HotText") to illustrate your screencasts on-the-fly. For the most efficient workflow, Screenium is keyboard-controllable and widely customizable: ideal for high volume video production in a time-critical environment. Screenium supports QuickTime's encoding technology and lets you re-process movies you already have recorded to adapt them to different output formats.

New Features in Screenium 1.1 over 1.0:
* Much improved audio and video capturing engine
* Improved support for external video sources (Webcams)
* Activity Indicators for "Record"/"Pause" and "Camera Active"
* Configurable, animated mouse effects
* Display of mouse button names
* Built-in, optimized YouTube and iPhone export
* Improved Library
* Many performance and usability enhancements
* Additional localizations included

Other Features:
* Timed, Single Window, Mouse Area and random sizes up to Full Screen
* Capture any resolution your Mac supports, from iPhone size to "Full HD" and bigger
* iSight picture-in-picture recording, supports any QuickTime-compatible USB or FireWire Webcam
* True Multi-Channel Audio, external sources also supported (analog and digital, USB and FireWire)
* Intuitive HotText captions
* Built-in Library to easily manage and post-process your movies
* Highly customizable quality and compression settings
* Intuitive, keyboard-controllable User Interface
* Create stunning educational videos or monitor whatever happens on-screen

Since the release of Screenium 1.0, the software has also been translated into various languages, the most recent additions featuring Dutch and Spanish. Screenium 1.1 integrates smoothly with Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" as well as with 10.5 "Leopard" and still supports Mac hardware from older productivity workhorses runing on single or dual G4 processors to the most recent multi-core Intel CPUs.

Supported Languages:
Screenium 1.1 comes localized in US English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

System Requirements:
* PowerPC G4 CPU at 867 MHz or better
* or an Intel Core Duo CPU at 1.6 GHz or better
* 512 MByte RAM or more
* Mac OS X 10.4.11 (Tiger) and above
* or Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and newer
* To use all Screenium features, an iSight or QuickTime-compatible Webcam is required

Pricing and Availability:
Screenium 1.1 can be purchased online for $29.00 (USD). Version 1.1 is a free update for customers of Screenium 1.x or of the prerelease Public Beta versions. A fully-featured, time-unlimited demo version is available for free and supports recordings of up to 30 seconds.


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