Capture Magic SD records from multiple DV Cameras... on a Mac!

June 11, 2007 in Multimedia (E)

[] Capture Magic SD provides live Waveform Monitors, Vectorscopes, RGB Parades and Histograms so you can ensure that the video you record from your cameras is of perfect quality, and importantly, check it is broadcast legal. You can preview what your video will look like in aspect ratios ranging from anamorphic cinema style widescreen, to television format 16:9 or even 4:3. And areas of the screen that are not broadcast legal can be highlighted with custom colored zebras.

With Capture Magic SD you can record the same event from different angles, and then back at your editing studio, you can cut between the different viewpoints. Capture Magic is the perfect compainion for recording interviews, church events and even sports events.

The ability to record from different cameras on the same computer is a huge cost saving. Now you only need one computer! And the direct to disk capabilities mean you no longer have to wait for your footage to download because it is already stored on your computer.

For it's first week of sale, Capture Magic SD is available with a 20% discount. Until June 17th 2007, purchase Capture Magic SD for $159.00 instead of $199.00.

Capture Magic SD supports these features:

- Supports standard definition consumer DV, DVCPro25 and DVCPro50
- Record from multiple DV cameras at the same time
- Record directly from camera straight to disk, no need to use tape
- Preview monitor with helpful guides
- Scaling and flipping preview to support many types of lenses.
- Weighted Waveform Monitor
- Colored Waveform Monitor makes it easier for a novice to understand
- RGB Parade
- Weighted Vectorscope
- Colored Vectorscope which is easier for a novice to understand
- Luminance Histogram
- RGB Histogram
- Pause live input for accurate analysis

And the system requirements are:

- Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later
- A 1Ghz G4 or Intel based Mac with at least one Firewire port.
- Your video cameras must connect via Firewire and output DV, DVCPro25 or DVCPro50.

Big Mug Software is a provider of Apple Macintosh media software for the TV and documentary film industries as well as amateur videographers. All software is written as universal applications, supporting PPC and Intel Macs.


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