In Shape by Emperor Lab: the Weight-Loss Solution That Really Works

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[] London, United Kingdom - Emperor Lab presents In Shape: Fitness. Diet. Massage (1.0), an application for iPhone/iPod touch. The modern society is moving towards an inactive lifestyle, which results in the ongoing increase in the number of people suffering from excess weight. Being the result of a year's joint work of the app developers, experienced fitness instructors, massage therapists and world-famous nutritionist Zoe Harcombe, In Shape provides a comprehensive approach to weight loss, combining fitness exercises with slimming massage and a healthy diet.

In Shape has no analogue on the App Store thanks to its extensive database of fitness exercises and massage techniques and unique algorithm of creating fitness programs. The fitness exercises and massage techniques presented in the app target the five body areas which are most liable to weight gain (upper body, abdomen, waist, buttocks, and thighs). The algorithm developed by Emperor Lab makes it possible to tailor weight loss programs generated by the app to the needs of every single user. In Shape lets fitness enthusiasts choose not only the areas to work but also the level of exercise intensity for each area and the desired length of their individual program. Besides, the app enables users to customize any workout by changing the pace and difficulty of exercises if need be. Professionally designed massage sessions serve to warm up the body before a workout and build up the exercise effect after it.

The important advantage of In Shape is that users won't need any special equipment for following their fitness programs - all the exercises can be done at home at the time convenient for the user. The VIP function available in the app makes the process of users interaction with the app even more convenient as it introduces the ability to exercise under the guidance of the virtual coach and watch the fitness instructor on a TV screen.

Advanced fitness enthusiasts can choose to create workouts themselves. In Shape allows users to design their own exercise routines by choosing exercises from the library. Detailed written, photo, audio and video instructions will help users of all fitness levels perform exercises and self-massage correctly and achieve the best results.

The app also includes a set of ready-made workouts aimed at reaching different fitness goals. The workouts are divided into three groups according to the fitness levels of users they are intended for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

The Harcombe Diet section fills in users on the diet developed by the qualified nutritionist Zoe Harcombe and based on her 20-year research on weight loss and overeating. The Harcombe Diet is a healthy and highly effective way to get rid of extra pounds.

Realizing the significant benefits of teaming with other health-conscious people when losing weight, the developers created the In Shape Club, the international community of people who lose weight with the help of the In Shape system. Users can join the Club in the corresponding section of the app to receive live expert support for free and participate in contests and drawings for prizes conducted by Emperor Lab.

It's a user-oriented tool designed for helping people achieve their weight-loss goals and change their lifestyle for the better. "I treat In Shape as my own child whom I've been raising for more than 2 years. I've been watching it growing up, becoming smarter and more beautiful. With every new day my love for it has been growing stronger. I hope that a part of this boundless love will be passed on to our users through the app :)," says Andrei Buhlak, the head of Emperor Lab.

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