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[] Melilla, Spain - The Guru Guru Collection is a set of illustrated iBooks with interactive contents. Aside from reading the stories and enjoying the drawings, children will be able to listen to sounds as they tap on the characters and play memory games at the end of each book.

Who doesn't know the story of Little Red Riding Hood or Rapunzel among others? Most of us definitely do! But the Guru Guru Collection doesn't just re-tell the stories as we all know them; it takes the basics, yes, but it also adds many new characters and twists to give the stories a new feeling.

What classical stories can we choose from?
* Rapunzel
* Little Red Riding Hood
* Hansel and Gretel
* A Christmas Carol

Moreover, you can download Rapunzel for free!

For those who want completely new stories, the Guru Guru Collection has something for them too:

* Nori and the Captive Prince:
Enjoy the story of Nori, a little girl who enrolls herself in a quest to rescue the prince... who has been kidnapped by a wicked witch in order to marry him!

* The Amazing Journey of Willy Labeouf:
Willy is a boy who fears all that's different from what he already knows. After meeting many people from different cultures and fighting an evil king, he will get to understand the beauty of diversity.

Aside from the full illustrated pages, kids will be able to enjoy tapping on the characters to hear sounds, voices and music according to the scene.

At the end of each book (except Rapunzel), children will find memory games where they'll have to choose the correct answer according to what they have read.

The Guru Guru Collection is available both in English and Spanish. Let's read and have fun!

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