myMassage 1.2 released - Has your iPhone Given you a Massage Today?

April 20, 2009 in Entertainment (E)

[] Fayetteville, Arkansas - Has your iPhone Given you a Massage Today? Turn your iPhone into a personal massager with myMassage, a new application for the device. myMassage version 1.2, an iPhone application by AwesomeSauce Apps, has been released just in time to provide some stress relief from Tax Day. myMassage turns an iPhone into a vibrating personal massager, complete with four different massaging patterns.

Users can choose from speeds from "slow & steady" to "super-fast overdrive." The phone can also be shaken to select a random pattern. To use myMassage, iPhones must have the vibrate function enabled. (To enable, go to iPhone home > settings > sounds. In the "ring" section, "vibrate" should be ON, shown in blue.) myMassage does not currently work with iPod Touch as no vibrate function is available. myMassage 1.2 is the most recent application release by AwesomeSauce Apps. Previous releases include myMassage 1.0 and myBMI 1.1.

myMassage features:
* Four different massaging patters
* Shake to randomly select a vibration pattern
* Soothing graphics
* Can function with screen off
* Built in help and support

myMassage 1.2 update summary:
* Vibration speed increase
* Graphics update
* Memory leak fixes
* Speed and efficiency increased by code re-factoring
* New help menu installed
* Italian and French localization

The iPhone's announcement on January 9, 2007 inspired excitement and anticipation of the release date, June 29. Planning ahead, Money had read all the rumor sites, blogs and news for all tips and information, as well as the best place to stand in line. He counted the days. Then, 24 hours before the release, he learned his little brother passed away. The cash he'd set aside for the phone now bought a new suit for the funeral. For months, because of the intense emotional connection, he couldn't bring himself to an AT&T store to buy the phone. Finally, his wife surprised him with the phone, breaking the horrible spell that surrounded its purchase. It was love at first touch.

Timed around yet another important event in his life, Apple released the iPhone SDK as Money and his wife were purchasing their first house, thus giving the sign that he would develop something for this remarkable piece of technology.

After making his first development attempt with myBMI, selling copies across the globe, Money recounts, "I smiled. This device with which I have shared so much emotional history just put a huge smile on my face."

AwesomeSauce looks to 3.0 and the future
"I really like the iPhone as a platform; it is a fun and challenging device to develop for," Money says. He continues, "There's quite a bit coming down the pipe with the 3.0 iPhone OS software update this summer for users as well as developers. I have a few other apps in the works and some awesome ideas as to how I can incorporate some features of the 3.0 update into myMassage and other apps."

System Requirements:
* iPhone 2.0 or later

Pricing and Availability:
myMassage 1.2 is priced at $0.99 (USD) and is available now in the App Store. Free promotional downloads for press review are available. Please contact Andrew Money, AwesomeSauce Apps.

AwesomeSauce Apps was founded December 2008 when Andrew Money, President, began work with the iPhone SDK. Becoming a developer was a long time coming for Money, who was drawn in at an early age by the green pixel light of the Apple II. Now, 20 years later, Money works full-time on the development team at an electronic medical record software company, and part-time as iPhone developer at AwesomeSauce Apps. Andrew Money's passion for the iPhone and its application development stems from not only a deep love for technology, but also from an emotional place. Copyright 2008-2009 AwesomeSauce Apps. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.


Andrew Money

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