Press Release FuzzyCube Software releases iQuarterback Lite for iPhone and iPod Touch Apr 21, 2009 in Games FuzzyCube Software today releases iQuarterback Lite for iPhone and iPod Touch. What kind of iQuarterback are you? Choose to compete as an iQuarterback at the College level, as a Pro, or as an All-Star. Each target races across the field at a different distance, speed, and angle, providing unlimited gameplay. iQuarterback Lite includes many of the features available in the full version of iQuarterback, but does not allow a player to post scores to the Online Leaderboard. [] Plano, Texas - FuzzyCube Software, LLC, a caffeine-fueled iPhone software development lab, is thrilled to announce the release of iQuarterback Lite, a free version of the hit iPhone game iQuarterback. With over 1.5-million throws and over 600-million points scored in only the first few weeks of release, iQuarterback (full-version) is currently one of the top sports games in the iTunes App store! iQuarterback Lite includes many of the exciting features available in iQuarterback (full-version), but does not allow a player to post scores to the Online Leaderboard. iQuarterback Lite includes many of the exciting features that have made iQuarterback (full-version) one of the top sports game hits including: * Three levels of difficulty (College, Pro, and All-Star) * Easy to learn gameplay and intuitive controls * Exciting fast-paced one minute rounds * Stellar graphics Future upgrades planned for iQuarterback (full-version) include a Shootout gameplay mode to complement the current Accuracy mode that has become a favorite of many. Shootout mode will feature multiple available targets, with 4x points awarded for hitting a bonus target. See how your career stats stack up to your friends to see which of you can become the top iQuarterback of all time. (Online career stats available only in the full-version). Search for "iQuarterback" in the iTunes App Store, or just look in the sports game category for the icon. Supported Languages: * US English Supported Devices: * All iPhone and 2nd-Gen iPod Touch devices Pricing and Availability: iQuarterback Lite is available for free through the Apple App Store. iQuarterback (full-version) is only $0.99 (USD) through the Apple App Store. Evaluation copy available upon request. FuzzyCube Software is available for interview and/or commentary on a wide range of related topics including the development of applications for the iPhone and the crucial role of the iPhone in the fight against global boredom. Ask how you can gain exclusive insight into our next releases and promo codes for reviewer game copies. FuzzyCube Software is the brain child of a mad scientist with a passion for making games. In an experiment gone wrong, an explosion nearly destroyed his laboratory. From that was born the Fuzzy Cubes! At first he thought they were odd creatures. After testing with high dosages of caffeine, light flicker and maze testing, he began to notice a high degree of creativity and gaming prowess. Soon he had an army of game designing Fuzzies and FuzzyCube Software was born. On a more serious note, we are a few guys who have worked on AAA titles such as Age of Mythology, Age of Empires 3, and most recently Halo Wars. We love what the iPhone can do and look forward to making cool stuff for everyone to play and use. Check out FuzzyCube Software, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for additional information. FuzzyCube Software. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries. ### James Schultz Media Relations 940-435-9947