Arten Science releases R10BatchMail - Bulk Email Sending for Mac OSX

April 23, 2009 in Software (E)

[] Derbyshire, UK - Arten Science has announced R10BatchMail is now out of Beta and available to purchase. R10BatchMail is a simple to use Bulk Email Sending program for Macintosh OSX. R10BatchMail is useful for sending a newletter, informing of change of address, marketing or any one of a thousand other reasons for contacting your customers, prospects or suppliers.

With R10BatchMail there is no need to clutter up your Address Book with prospects in order to contact them via email. Data is imported into R10BatchMail either from your Address Book and/or from an industry standard TAB Delimited file. A TAB Delimited file can be created from almost any application that holds data, and is the default format for 'bought in' lists.

Contact information can be imported and combined into R10BatchMail, the resulting list can then be edited and exported. For cleaning and de-duplication of large lists we recommend R10Clean Professional at R10BatchMail records what was send and who to and allows you to export this history to Excel, a TAB Delimited File or Comma Separated File. From this file you can update your corporate database if necessary. R10BatchMail was designed primarily to be easy and quick to use, whilst still providing the essential functionality required.

Who's it For:
For anybody who needs to communicate with their customers, prospects or suppliers quickly and easily using HTML email.

R10BatchMail Features:
* Supports HTML and Plain Text Email
* Minimal configuration
* Email Addresses imported from a Tab Delimited File
* Import Contacts from Apple Address Book
* Combine Email Addresses from Multiple Sources
* The Contact List can be Edited directly
* Columns can be sorted
* The HTML Message can be previewed within R10BatchMail
* Message text can be dragged/dropped from within another document
* Message can be created in any HTML page editor and 'direct linked'
* A text file can be dropped over the message input area
* Select Some or All of your Imported Contacts
* Remove Selected Contacts
* Export the Contact List
* Session History can be Exported to XLS, TAB or CSV
* To help with Proof Reading R10BatchMail can Speak your message
* Most Actions have a Keyboard Shortcut
* Remembers the Window Sizes and Positions

Documentation, Help and Support:
* R10BatchMail comes with a 11 page manual in PDF format
* The Help system can be accessed from the Help button on the Toolbar
* Email support can be accessed from the Support button on the Toolbar

Minimum Requirements:
* Mac OS X Version 10.3 or higher
* Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel
* G4 Processor, 1GHz or faster
* 20 MB Hard Drive space

Customer Testimonial:
"I think R10BatchMail is brilliant - easy to use, intuitive and very useful - you can make targetted email campaigns with ease in whatever html editor you find easiest - it's a MUST for all web designers who want to add extra marketing thrust to their portfolio of products. I can't wait to see how the product develops further." - Mitch Stone IDM Design

Pricing and Availability:
R10BatchMail is available in three editions: Free Edition - Contains a link to R10BatchMail at the footer of each email. Standard Edition - 25. Site License - 100.

Arten Science was setup in 2007 to design, develop and market quality commercial software for the Apple Mac OSX (Universal Binary), Windows XP / Vista and Linux with GTK 2.x. We also provide Bespoke Software Development and Technology / Database / Security Consultancy services. In addition to creating new solutions for our customers, all of our commercial products can also be tailored, modified and enhanced to suit your specific requirements. We can help you to use software to solve business problems and create business opportunities.


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