Andrei Doubrovski updates Video-Book for Photoshop Users

April 27, 2009 in Educational (E)

[] Chelyabinsk, Russia - Andrei Doubrovski, a professional photo restoration artist and technician, has released version 7.0 of video-book "As Simple as Photoshop". The book is devoted to an original method of a quick but total immersion into the environment of Photoshop.

Every tutorial here is packed with a short movie showing some practical usage of the wordy lesson. You may play those either one by one, or as a full-size and full-length video. The elaborated controls instantly guide you to required page or episode.

In the meantime, the book's interface features all the essential functions available in popular ebook readers and web browsers - table of contents, history, bookmarks, text search, and more. So, you needn't choose between a Photoshop book and a Photoshop video anymore. "ASAP" is more than just a book and smarter than just a video. This fusion of the two media suggests completely new approach to self-training.

Although the movies show Windows environment all the tutorials are compatible with Mac version of Photoshop. Mac-build of video-book includes OS X projector.

Version 7.0 revised for Photoshop CS4 includes:
* 135 video-lessons
* Total run time - about 3 hours
* Navigating with TOC, bookmarks, history, keyboard
* Search in articles and subtitles

Minimum Requirements:
* Mac OS X
* Screen resolution 1024x768 or better

As Simple as Photoshop is available for $18 (USD) to download, or $30 (USD) for CD delivery.

Located in Chelyabinsk, Russia, Andrei Doubrovski is author of 4 video-books on Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Flash, and Paint Shop Pro. All Material and Software (C) 2003-2009 Andrei Doubrovski / All Rights Reserved.


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