Elixir introduces Heat Wave - New RapidWeaver Theme

April 27, 2009 in Web Design (E)

[prMac.com] Orlando, FL - Elixir is proud to announce their latest new RapidWeaver theme: Heat Wave. Heat Wave, is an impressive new theme that is simple, yet flexible. Its clean look is great for designing a portfolio, blog, small business site and much more. This theme makes it easy to create a simply brilliant looking site in a short period of time!

Below is a brief rundown of the theme's features, but you can jump right over to the product page to learn all the details using the links provided at the base of this press release.

Heat Wave offers
* 5 site widths
* 32 headers (compatible with RWmultitool)
* 3 sidebar options (right, left, hidden)
* Split navigation
* 4 horizontal menu tab styles
* 3 vertical menu tab styles
* 3 title sizes
* 3 slogan sizes
* 4 font style for Title & Slogan
* 4 font styles for Body
* 12 color picker options

Heat Wave also makes use of the RapidWeaver color picker. With it you can change the colors for all of the following areas of your site design:
* Menu background
* Site Background
* Links
* Body Font
* Site Title
* Site Slogan
* Content Border
* Breadcrumb Trail Text
* Breadcrumb Trail Background
* Menu Text (Horizontal)
* Sub menu Background Bar
* Sub menu Text

Learn more over on Heat Wave's product page, as well as check out the screen shots and walk through video.

Moving into the future
Recently Microsoft released Internet Explorer 8, which is a huge improvement over both previous versions (6 and 7). In doing so they've also announced that update notices for users of both IE 6 and IE 7 will be sent out via Windows' updater, helping to get these people using a modern browser.

Being that Internet Explorer 6 is about 6 years old now and no longer supported by Microsoft, we're dropping support for this browser with the release of this theme. What does this mean for sites designed with this theme? It means that the sites you design with this theme will display in IE 6, but will not look identical to the way the site displays in other browsers. It also means that PNG images with transparent backgrounds will look slightly odd, with a tinted blue background. Other than this the site will not look messed up or disfigured in IE 6.

We have been using Internet Explorer 8 in our testing of this theme and find it to be a huge leap forward for Microsoft, and we encourage all PC users to upgrade. You won't regret it.

Ultimate deal
I've also added Heat Wave to the Ultimate Bundle. The price for the bundle remains $135 (USD), essentially making this brand new theme free when you purchase the Ultimate Bundle. This bundle, containing 17 themes, saves you $75.40.

Elixir is a graphics company located in sunny Orlando, Fl. Elixir consists of a staff of, well, just one. Adam Shiver. Adam is a self-taught designer with over 10 years of professional experience. He has created a variety of award-winning media during his career, including website design, newspaper graphics and layout, icons, online graphics and other print projects. Adam loves coffee and episodes of The Office. If you really want to bribe him, you can get him Amazing Spider-Man comics or something Apple. RapidWeaver, and the RapidWeaver logo are trademarks of Realmac Software Limited.


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