FMSmallBusiness 1.3.1 adds FileMaker 10's iPhone Web Interface

May 4, 2009 in FileMaker (E)

[] Orlando, FL - CampSoftware released version 1.3.1 of FMSmallBusiness (FMSB) which includes twenty five updates. The most exciting update is the use of the FileMaker 10 Server PHP Site Assistant which generates iPhone interfaces for FileMaker databases, like FMSmallBusiness. Videos and Screenshots of FMSB are available including screenshots of the updated iPhone interface. FMSmallBusiness is a FileMaker based database great for managing the contacts, calendars, invoice, and more for small businesses.

CampSoftware is excited to release this version of FMSmallBusiness (FMSB). FMSB is a complete solution, specifically designed for small businesses. Now you can easily track and manage all your contacts as well as your entire calendar of events and activities. FMSB also integrates your documents, schedules, projects, letters, invoices, and more. FMSB is a cross platform database which runs on Mac and Windows using the award winning FileMaker Pro database platform.

An Agenda View in the Calendar module has been added which produces a list of events over any day, week, month, or any range of dates! Printable versions of the Agenda, Month, Week, and Day views are also now available. Each view containing events have also been colorized based on the event category color to make identifying events much easier. Also, access to To Do lists have been added to the Calendar module views as well as the Home module. A printable To Do List has also been added.

FMSmallBusiness utilizes several extensions which need to be installed before FMSB can be used. We now utilize two methods to install extensions. First, we use FileMaker Server 10's AutoUpdate feature. AutoUpdate will automatically download, install, and activate the extensions over the internet. It's fantastic! However, if internet access is not available, the extensions are installed semi-automatically using FMExtensionsInstaller (FMEI). FMEI extracts the extensions from the FMSB database, but this requires FileMaker to be quit and relaunched since the extensions cannot be activated automatically.

What is FMSmallBusiness?
FMSmallBusiness (FMSB) is a complete solution for running a small business that tracks Contacts, Calendars, Schedules, Activities, Projects, Documents, Letters, Products, Invoices, and more. Think of it as a CRM (customer relationship manager) with more power.

Can I access my data on Mac or Windows?
FMSmallBusiness is a cross platform solution built using the award winning FileMaker Pro database platform. You can run it on Mac, Windows, or a combination of both. We've designed it to work as either a single or multiple user solution on up to 250 workstations.

Do you have an iPhone?
FMSB also provides a web based iPhone interface to Contact and Calendar Events data. In addition, desktop and web based address books and calendars can be updated via vCards and vCal subscriptions also available for iPhone syncing.

What are the benefits?
We developed FMSB to run our own business. In fact, we run the latest version ourselves as we believe in 'eating our own dog food'. Using this approach, we are able to make the product better simply by using it. We think FMSB is the best solution to run a small business. Here are a few benefits:

* Customizable - FMSB is built on FileMaker Pro and developed from the start with individual customizing in mind. FMSB has a 'main' file and a 'custom' file. The custom file is designed in an open fashion so that anyone with FileMaker experience can make changes or even add functionality.

* Shared Contacts - Access your Contacts in one centralized location. When you change the details for a contact, everyone in your company will benefit from the updated information.

* Shared Calendar - Calendar events function in a similar manner as Contacts. Whenever an event is edited, the changes are automatically made for everyone in your company.

* Projects & Activities - FMSB makes task management easy because it has the ability to store your activities with the option of assigning them to a project - Great when it's billing time! Projects and Activities can be assigned to a contact and staff member It can also include billable items, such as labor, attached for later invoicing.

* Income Catching - Track your time and and stop loosing income by tracking your time and items using FMSB's built in Timers, Activities, and Events.

* Invoices & Products - FMSB has built in Invoicing as well as a Products modules which can help with reordering levels.

* Shared Documents - In many small businesses, you have documents that are related to your contacts and activities. FMSB has the same functionality. Each contact or activity can store as many documents and letters as you'd like--And they can be accessible to everyone in your company.

* Mail/Email Merging - Track all correspondence with your contacts. We've created easy to use Document generation and Merging assistants to make document storage simple.

* Data Availability - Access your data at your desk, on the road, or on your phone. Your data can be accessed via your computer anywhere in the world via the internet over a secure connection. Plus you can use your iPhone to access Contacts an Events.

* Desktop Integration - Easily update your contact and calendar data to Mac OS X's Address Book and iCal. FMSB can create a vCard for your contacts and iCal subscriptions for your calendars. Any application that support vCard and vCal files can use the data.

Pricing and Availability:
FMSmallBusiness 1.3.1 is $295 (USD) per user, with discounts for multiple licenses. FMSmallBusiness requires FileMaker 10 which works on Mac and Windows. There's much, much more that has been added to this version. Details are listed the FM Small Business Version History page.

CampSoftware is a team of FileMaker Developers located in Orlando, FL USA which has been providing FileMaker consulting services since 1991. CampSoftware holds FileMaker Certifications in versions 7, 8, and 9. FileMaker Pro is a registered trademark of FileMaker, Inc.


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