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[] Palo Alto, California - As constantly presented on "The Now Age" Show on TalktainmentRadio, Divine Grace offers some unique features not found in other positive thinking, lifestyle coaching apps like:

* Ask an Angel: it is well known that the human mind can influence matter, and we took this seriously - so, you can ask a specific question to receive a positive message (statement) from an Archangel. Using two of the most spiritual principles together in this app, the Archangels share their loving words through divinely inspired affirmations and messages to bless your daily life.

* Receive an Affirmation - allow Divine Grace to divinely select the perfect statement to guide your steps during the day.

* Daily Affirmations - choose from a variety of real-life categories to receive a positive statement to inspire you.

Combining the unique features mentioned above with its incredible graphics, animations and interactivity, "Divine Grace - Archangel Affirmations and Messages by Tammi Rager" is an unforgettable experience. A unique experience that really raises the bar for mind coaching apps.

And to go even further, Divine Grace allows the user to share the received affirmations and positive statements on Facebook and Twitter with family and friends.

You can find more screenshots and information regarding the App on Divine Grace's official webpage.

Divine Grace - Archangel Affirmations and Messages by Tammi Rager(C) "Numerologist to the Stars" offers hundreds of incredible positive statements. Take Divine Grace with you and it will help you improve your lifestyle by helping you become inspired and stress-free all day long!

The author of the incredible affirmations and messages that Divine Grace provides, is Tammi Rager also known as the "Numerologist to the Stars" because of her extensive work with clients in the entertainment industry like actresses, actors, recording artists, producers and directors.

Tammi uses her years of study, skills in interpretation, resourced data and wisdom of the vibrations to provide a complete picture for her clients - for their personal life, their spiritual evolution and anticipated events.

Tammi's clients also include award nominees, winners and honorees of:
* Hollywood Walk of Fame
* Academy Awards
* Golden Globe Awards
* Screen Actor Guild (SAG) Awards
* People's Choice Awards
* Emmy Awards
* Grammy Awards
* American Music Awards

You can contact Tammi through her website (

Affirmations (intentions) are short statements that when used correctly, can generate huge change and shifts in conscious thought and behavior. Affirmations, when used repeatedly, can trigger positive thought and action so that change, growth, empowerment and goals may be achieved. When crafted by the Archangels, these positive statements are transformed into divinely empowering thoughts for all areas of life. Divine Grace can add clarity and insights into many different areas of your life in a variety of ways.

With a variety of options within this app to choose from, you can create an angelic experience in which the angels can speak directly to your heart and spirit. Every Affirmation and the Answers to Your Questions are connected to a specific Archangel. Divine Grace includes recognizable and lesser know Archangels. If you're not familiar with an Archangel, that's not a problem either!

More information and details for all of the Archangels included in Divine Grace are just a tap away!

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