Weburban releases GothPix 2.0 for iPhone - Adds Filter Customization

May 9, 2009 in Photo and Video (F)

[prMac.com] Hollywood, California/USA - The newest upgrade to the Pix line of applications is GothPix 2.0, the premiere application that brought simulated damage and age to the iPhone. The filter acts as a high contrast, high grain, random texturizer for images taken with the application or off the iPhone's Camera Roll. All images remain in native resolution for maximum fidelity.

The main draw for images made in GothPix are images that can benefit from a dark, gothic mood. These can be floodlit areas at night, self portraits done in harsh lighting, dense urban settings, or bleak wooded areas. Generally, the filter makes images appear more flat, so adding exaggerated dimensions can make the image more interesting. Artists have used harsh light in urban areas to do this, making landscapes that look like they are out of a science fiction horror movie right on their phone.

Additionally, the application uses Weburban's new application framework that includes the following features:
* Images can come from the iPhone Camera Roll, or taken directly from the camera
* One level of undo can revert an image if the random filter turns out ugly
* Images can be processed over and over for stacked effects
* Images can be selectively saved
* Faster processing speeds for the GothPix filter

The GothPix 2.0 free upgrade has provided several key features. Users have requested that controlling the intensity and splatter were important, because at times, an inconvenient ink splotch has covered the face of an important subject. Also, during conditions where light was not ample, the overly intense contrast in the filter was making the image muddy. This has been resolved with the addition of a splatter control (for on and off) and an intensity slider that tones down the application of the GothPix algorythmn.

GothPix is still only $0.99(US) and is available exclusively on the Apple iTunes App Store for any iPhone or iPod Touch model.

Weburban (shortened from the official name Web | Urban) was founded in 1994 as a sole proprietorship and has since grown into a Limited Liability Corporation employing designers, developers, and account executives. Our offices are located in Hollywood, California and we have are a legally registered corporate entity in California. The company President and Chief Scientist holds a Masters in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon and is personally responsible for all technical work done through the company. The company Art Director holds a degree from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and approves all design work personally, along with a critical analysis of finished work before it is sent out as deliverable. Other talent we work with are drawn from a pool or elite designers and developers all locally accessible and situated in the Los Angeles area. All our employees and executives abide by a code of ethics which we encourage all technology companies to embrace. We are an equal opportunity employer and encourage diversity in the workplace.


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