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[prMac.com] Zaporozhye, Ukraine - Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, a pioneer of the astronautic theory, once wrote that this theory was only an addition to his philosophical works. Unfortunately, philosophic heritage of Tsiolkovsky is currently unknown to public. Spiritual revelations, bold ideas, unhackneyed views of the scientist who was called a genius while alive are undeservedly forgotten.

Just a few of these philosophic works were published - decades ago, in limited edition, so these magazines and brochures are almost impossible to get hold of. Others are deeply buried in archives, including digital ones. What's more, many of the archive folders are in a mess, so there is plenty of work to be done. Lots of texts are available as photocopies of penscript or typescript pages, which are almost a hundred years old. Faded ink on time-stained paper, archaic spelling, handwriting with lots of corrections, crossing outs and insertions... just turning these pages into readable text will take much time and effort.

"Tsiolkovsky had illegible handwriting", - says Mykola Krasnostup, the head of the project. "I doubt that handwriting recognition software will be of much help - probably, a lion's share of the penscript will be deciphered by our team members", - he added.

More than a hundred of philosophic papers by Tsiolkovsky is going to be published in electronic form both in Russian and in English and made publicly available free of charge. Also, these e-books will be available as a free application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

"I will endeavor to recover what got lost by humankind in multitude of millenniums, to find the philosopher's stone it let drop." - wrote Konstantin Tsiolkovsky in his work 'The Living Universe' as long ago as in 1923. By the way, 'The Living Universe' is one of the works waiting for translation into English within this project.

The project is called 'Leave your name in history - take part in making the lost knowledge public!' for purpose. Everybody is welcome to contribute to the project and be mentioned as a contributor. The team members will be grateful for donations and will appreciate sharing information about this project with other people. Also, the team welcomes any advice or comments as to the project from experts. Let's join efforts to make Tsiolkovsky's writings gain the popularity they deserve!

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