Apple Magazine Shufflegazine Expands Printing and Distribution

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[] Dubai, UAE - CENTIMETERCUBE today announced the expansion of printing and distribution of Shufflegazine, Apple Lifestyle Magazine for the Middle East, in partnership with Abu Dhabi Media Company - Distribution Department. Shufflegazine is a monthly magazine about Apple products such as Mac, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, and more, and the lifestyle surrounding the use of these products in daily life whether it's business or leisure. Shufflegazine presents a unique profile in the Middle East market because it has content in both English and Arabic and it's entirely produced in the region. Combined with a busy web site, activities on Facebook, Twitter, and other online services, the magazine offers something new and exciting to readers and advertisers alike.

Started in October 2008, Shufflegazine has mainly been distributed in the United Arab Emirates, through retail outlets as well as complimentary distribution channels. With the expansion, in partnership with Abu Dhabi Media Company - Distribution, Shufflegazine will be available all around the GCC, including Saudi Arabia within the next few months. From the May 2009 issue, Shufflegazine will be distributed to retail outlets around the region, reaching more readers and advertisers than before. Shufflegazine's Distribution Manager Raja Fawad, explained, "We're excited to bring Shufflegazine to more readers. It's especially important that we'll now be available in other countries and we hope readers around the GCC will join us in our effort to support Apple fans and communities."

For Shufflegazine and its publisher CENTIMETERCUBE, this expansion opens up new possibilities. Omran Al-Owais, Founder and Creative Director of CENTIMETERCUBE, said about the expansion, "When we started Shufflegazine last year this was our intention, to expand to the entire GCC region and possibly also beyond. It took us a while to get our operations right and find the right partner. We're confident that by distributing with Abu Dhabi Media Company, we have found that partner and we look forward to future possibilities."

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