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[] Chanhassen, Maine - Resolvica, Inc. is proud to announce Blog Docs - Google Docs(TM) HTML Editor for WordPress blogger tumblr & email for the iPad. This app lets users write notes and edit Google docs. Many other blogging and note-taking apps do not feature an HTML editor or editing capability for Google Docs. The app also provides features for adding zing to blogs and emails with hand written words and pictures. Use Blog Docs to create, format, view, email, and blog HTML documents with images. Enjoy compatibility with Google docs formatting, including images, text formatting, colors and etc.

Blog Doc Features:
* Blogging - Create great looking formatted blog posts online (or offline and post later) that include handwriting, drawing, images and backgrounds Works withWordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and any blog that supports email
* Google Docs(TM) Sync - Sync documents with Google Docs View and edit Google Docs(TM) in the app and on the desktop. Changes made on the desktop will be maintained once they are on your iPad. Also, add handwriting to Google Docs, keep documents in sync across multiple devices, and download documents in different formats
* Draw on top of images - Point yourself out in a crowd. Underline for emphasis. Express yourself any way you want by marking up photos and images
* Built-in browser - Built-in browser lets you research, translate, view your blogs and more
* Create formatted HTML documents with such formatting features as font type, color, and size, bulleted lists, highlighted text , bold, italics, and underlining, text alignment (left, center, and right)and spell checker
* Get Blog Docs and increase your visibility on the web

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad
* Requires iOS 5.0 or later
* Category: Productivity
* Updated: Feb 27, 2013
* Version: 1.25
* Size: 21.4 MB
Language: English

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