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[prMac.com] Tokyo, Japan - This app can identify the root causes of procrastination.
When you want to do something important, but you postponed it. This app has more than 50 Emotions items for Task. When you checked 5 point of "infavoifance(avoid shame)" and you can ask why I checked 5 point of "infavoifance(avoid shame). That is very important. It is a hint of primary emotion that might be caused. You might become a perfectionist.
When you set task priority, the items are urgent, important, productivity, difficulty. First you check each items. e.g Urgent is 1, Important is 5. Productivity is 3. Difficulty is 5, so you can make a decision which task is postponed for a later date.

How To Use:
* Find Your primary emotion: Identifying the root causes of procrastination
* When you checked 5 point of "infavoifance(avoid shame)" and "Perfectionism", figure out what might be the caused. You might become a perfectionist?.
* If you have failed in your attempts, You may even feel ashamed. You can avoid the shame. You might think that postponement is better than carrying

You have to define "shame" and ask The 5 Whys. The 5 Whys is technique to find its root problem. Just asking "Why ?" five times.

You checked 5 point of "infavoifance[avoid shame]".
Why are you ashamed? [Answer]I feel sad..
(For an Answer)Why do you feel sad?[Answer] My parents feel bad for me.
Why do your parents feel bad for me?
Why? Why?...

Find out The primary emotions: (It means that your failure has something with family's honor.) It is only your belief in your subconscious mind.


ToDo List:
* Input title, due, time, note, place, notification time
* You can use ToDo List without user registration
* Your ToDoList is not shared to others - No Upload
* Notification function
* There are more than 50 item for your needs - e.g. perfectionism, stress relief, should thinking, autonomy
* There is no right answer to check item. That makes you know your Bias and Pattern

Social network service for checklist:
* You can share your original checklist and enjoy
* Read checklist and article
* Post your checklist and Share your checklist
* Answer checklist

Device Requirements:
* iPhone
* Requires iOS 5.1 or later
* 3.0 MB

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