Successful iOS Developer Goes Full-Time with 1Tapps: Suite of 16 Apps

April 10, 2013 in iAnnouncements (E)

[] Girona, Spain - Carles Coll Madrenas, creator of the 1Tapps brand of iOS apps, today is pleased to announce that he is now working for the company full-time. Founded in Spain in June of 2011, he formerly devoted 2 hours per day to the startup. 1Tapps now has 16 apps in the App Store and more than one million downloads. The company's apps are all based on the ability to perform an important function, which might normally require a few seconds and two or three taps, immediately and with just a single tap. Its flagship app, 1TapVideo - Instant Video Recording, was voted the 2011 Best App Ever Award in the Video category by the readers of 148apps. As part of this latest phase of 1Tapps' development, Carles has started work on two new 1Tapps apps, a redesigned company logo, and expansion into Windows Phone and Android markets.

1Tapps Suite of iOS Apps (in order of highest sales):
* 1TapVideo - Instant Video Recording
* 1TapFaceTime - Customized Icons for FaceTime
* 1TapTelecinco - Go directly to Spanish commercial television channel
* 1TapCuatro - Go directly to Spanish commercial television channel
* 1TapLaSexta - Go directly to Spanish commercial television channel
* 1TapSkype - Customized Icons for Skype
* 1Tapps - Go directly to Bluetooth, WiFi, Network, Brightness, etc. Settings
* 1TapMail - Customized Icons for Mail
* 1TapGuard - The Angry Dog (device touch alarm)
* 1TapSMS - Customized Icons for Messages App
* 1TapHTML - View Web Page Source HTML Code
* 1TapDial - Customized Icons for iPhone home screen
* 1TapHeytell - Customized Icons for HeyTell Walkie-Talkie App
* 1TapSparrow - Customized Icons for Sparrow Mail
* 1TapPhoto - Instant Photo Shooter
* 1TapTweet - Customized Icons for Official Twitter App

Carles recently summed up the philosophy behind the 1Tapps brand, "There are many great apps out there, and you use them daily - for mailing, business, finances, personal safety, or just for fun. In many ways, we learn our way around our favorite apps, and we stick to that routine. What 1Tapps proposes is to build an easier way to start and use your favorite apps. One tap and you should be on your way to doing what that app is meant to be doing.

"Need to send a message via Skype to a specific contact? Why start Skype, search contact, tap and then select IM, Voice, etc., and THEN send them a message, when with 1TapSkype you can directly open that contact's window and just start typing right away? The same with calling family and friends - instead of looking through the address book, simply tap their icon, which has been created by 1TapDial, and you're already calling them. We are simply providing an effective, personalized shortcut to using your favorite apps, connecting you to your favorite contacts with one tap."

According to Mr. Coll, "1Tapps has Five Rules, no more no less. If we don't follow them, please blame us. This is our fingerprint, and we are proud to have it. Here they are:"
* So, So Simple - The SSS rule
* As Easy as AppName - You tap and you know what's going to happen
* One Tap Away - No waits, no options
* One Tap Action - You tap, you do
* No Text - Who needs it? If it's needed, we did something wrong

"What's 1Tapps?" asked Carles. "1Tapps is just the contraction of One Tap Apps, that's it, Apps that perform one action in just One Tap. Unlike our competitors, who focus on one App, we want to make an Apps Family that covers any One Tap App you can think of."

Based in Girona, Spain, 1Tapps is a publishing company of mobile applications and games founded by independent developer Carles Coll Madrenas in 2011. Copyright (C) 2013 1Tapps, registered trademark. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.


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