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[] Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - My RunningTab is a brand new mobile app that answers the calls for an easy to use mobile payments app with no-fee mobile transactions. The app will be released into Apple's App Store in the coming weeks for Beta testing, with an official launch later this year.

The following is a list of key problems that My RunningTab overcomes:
1. No-Fee Mobile Transactions. Current apps like PayPal and Dwolla offer users the ability to pay friends directly from your mobile device, but they will never catch on due to outrageous costs associated with them. For instance, PayPal charges users 2.9% - $0.30 on every transaction. My RunningTab is unique, in that no transaction occurs until users want it to.
2. Easy To Use. My RunningTab implements a cutting edge flat design that is not available on any other mobile payments app. There are no clunky sign up pages, nor are you restricted to use the app with friends who have downloaded the app. Dwolla performs credit checks in order to use its full features, which have been known to take up to a week. Splitwise and Clover are just plan old complicated. With My RunningTab, sign up is a click away using Facebook. We allow you to make tabs with any Facebook friend, regardless if they have the app, so that you can be sure payments between you and your friends are in order. Last, the free flow design allows you to create new tabs in seconds, which will have you using the app a lot more.
3. No Account Necessary. My RunningTab implements an IOU system to keep track of how much individual users and groups owe each other. Other apps are like opening a brand new bank account, but you can't use the money until you pay to deposit it into another account. Rather than tie your money up in a Venmo account, just track your payments. For instance if I go to lunch with my brother Ben and pick up the check, we can enter the IOU into our RunningTab and he can pay for me the next time we go out. In this way, there are no parties skimming off the top and your money stays in your wallet. Better yet, you don't have to annoy the waiter by asking him or her to split the check or give you change. When you really need to be paid back, we give you multiple options to do so, including Venmo, PayPal, and soon a direct payment from one bank account into another.
4. Real Social. Common Venmo, do you think I really want to see payments made by people who I have never met? Especially when its something ridiculous or even obscene? My RunningTab keeps the social with the people who you want to be social with...your friends. Chat, post pictures, and remember those good times.

My RunningTab will be hitting the App Store for iOS users in the coming weeks for Beta testing (open to all). Once the app is refined to best suite later adopters, My RunningTab will host an official launch, likely to happen sometime over this summer.

Please visit our website for more information and feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns. We love to hear from our customers.

My RunningTab was founded by Benjamin and Stephen Fox in the Fall of 2012, under the company name Fox Developers, LLC. It is a social mobile payments app, designed to make paying friends and splitting checks at restaurants easier. For more information, please visit or our Facebook and Twitter pages, which are listed below.


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