SimpleLeap releases Cram for Mac OS X - Popular Testing App

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[] Atlanta, Georgia - SimpleLeap Software, the creators of Cram for iPhone, iPod, and BlackBerry, today announced the release of their first Mac application, Cram for Mac. Cram is a personal test prep application that allows you to create or download any test, on any subject matter. With Cram, users can prepare quickly for any test with various test modes, a timed test feature, and the capability to add sound and images .

Cram for Mac is perfect for students, people preparing for certifications and standardized tests, or those users simply wanting to learn or review something new. Cram's built-in test history feature tracks each test attempt and the exact answers to help you precisely target your weak points and monitor your improvement each test attempt. User's can create custom test material or download shared test material from the large Cram library shared amongst all Cram users. Cram for Mac also helps you prepare for various test types by allowing you to set multiple correct answer choices and enabling you to prepare in study mode, a mode that resembles flashcard type testing.

Feature Highlights:
* Prepare for tests in two modes: testing and study mode
* Study mode resembles flashcard type practice
* Test mode helps you prepare for real testing situation
* Easily drag and drop images and sound within test
* Randomize test questions and answers
* Timed tests perfect for standardized tests
* Organize tests within categories by subject, interest, or class
* Immediately receive grade after test
* Create tests quicker using the Cram answer bank
* Quickly find tests with live search feature
* Keeps track of study progress
* Free access to hundreds of tests created by Cram community
* Share tests with friends, colleagues, students, and family
* Pairs perfectly with Cram for BlackBerry and Cram for iPhone & iPod for on the go testing
* Ability to print formatted tests for a more traditional style of testing

Device and System Requirements
Cram for Mac requires a Mac running OS 10.5 or later. Cram for Mac Beta requires approximately 3.4MB hard drive space to run. Cram for Mac can be downloaded directly. Cram for Mac is perfectly complimented by it's iPhone and BlackBerry versions, simply download your tests created on your desktop with your device.

Pricing and Availability:
Cram for Mac Beta v.0.950 will be available to the public on Wednesday, May 13, 2009 for $34.99 (USD) while in beta or as a free full-featured , data limited trial. Cram for Mac is available on the SimpleLeap Software website and other third-party websites.

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