Recover lost data quickly with the new iTunes Recovery software for Mac

April 19, 2013 in Mobile Accessories (F)

[] Birmingham, United Kingdom - The ER- 204 iTunes Recovery(TM) software is the most recent addition to Enigma Recovery's product range. This software provides a fast and effective means of retrieving and recovering lost data from the iTunes backup file created by connecting an iPhone, iPod touch and iPad to your Mac. As well as possessing the features of the iTunes Reader(TM) this innovative product allows deleted data from your handset to be recovered through the iTunes back up files.

Back up files are stored in an encrypted form that are typically hard to read or understand for the average user. This product converts these confusing data files into a readable form so that they may be viewed and saved with ease. The iTunes Recovery(TM) is an excellent means of protecting your data from future loss by exporting the retrieved files to a desired location on your Mac. Additionally it allows customers to recover backed up data that they may have thought to be permanently lost. This product is ideal for those who have accidentally deleted data or had a handset lost or stolen.

Interested customers may take advantage of a free 14 day trial to test out this product and to become familiar with the software features. By scanning your iTunes back up file, it will also clearly display the number of files that can be retrieved and recovered. Additionally the trial allows the user to view one entry per existing feature. Therefore you can be certain of the data you will be purchasing before parting with any money. Trial users may then upgrade to purchase the software and receive full access to its features for just $29.99.

The iTunes Recovery(TM) can also be purchased directly through the website with a quick and simple installation process. The software will automatically open on your Mac after installation and the user friendly interface makes finding specific data easy. Once the full version is installed, the customer is then not only able to access unlimited data files but is also entitled to any future upgrades or enhancements to the software.

This product is only suitable for data that has been backed up on to an iTunes back up file, however for retrieval and recovery of data that has not been backed up the Smartphone Recovery Pro(TM) can be used.

Located in Birmingham, United Kingdom, Enigma Recovery are a software developer specialising in data recovery software. Their products range from sim recovery and smartphone software to suites for business. Copyright (C) 2013 Enigma Recovery. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Mac OS X platforms are trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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