Press Release Tension Software releases Password Repository 2.2 Jun 28, 2007 in Software Tension Software releases Password Repository 2.2, a native Mac OS X program to manage general use passwords stored inside protected documents accessible only by the user. [] Password repository let users store and manage all their passwords in documents protected and encrypted. Password Repository is a Mac OS X program, natively realized since the first release for Mac OS X using Objective-C and the last Cocoa framework. Data are saved on disk automatically encrypted using Blowfish algorithm and are unreadable without opening them with the right password. Password Repository shows data in a table view and let the user order items by any columns with just a click. Any content is searchable using a search field with data displayed as-you-type. Export and import of data. It manages unlimited number of documents with unlimited number of passwords. Can open a default document at startup with most used passwords. It is really simple and effective allowing the user to store his precious, reserved data on disk in a safe way. Password Repository is the program to manage passwords in a true “Mac Way” Version addition in release 2.2: * New EMAIL field to store email used to register at websites * New clever open URL function * Bug fix Tension Software started in 1997 developing Mac software for Mac OS Classic. Now Tension Software still develops Mac software using the last Apple technology, Cocoa and Objective-C. All the current Mac production is made by Universal Applications native on both PPC Mac and Intel Mac. ### Roberto Panetta CEO 3205321379 Italy