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[] Ocean, New Jersey - Ocean, New Jersey - Being a sales person, you have to contact many people, send emails or keep yourself up-to-date with the current market updates. Don't you wish to have a tool that enables you to manage your every activity and save your efforts? Sales Assistant is the brain child of Ira Horowitz, a premium mobile app manufacturer, designed to allow you to access and navigate multiple apps within one single app.

You just need to download 'Sales assistant' onto your business phone, and you will be able to access everything, be it contact, calendar, to-dos, social media, or news feed from the same dashboard.

App Highlights:
* Navigate All Apps via a single app
* Organize & Manage Your contacts effectively
* View contact, Address, Maps & Social Media on same dashboard
* Add actions & Notes to contact on same dashboard
* Automatic fetch social media profiles of contact saved
* Group companies & hyperlink with a single headline
* Create a News aggregator
* Data backup & recovery
* Open to customization
* Quick. Institutive. Robust Organizer

Instead of opening you contact list every time to make a call or access calendar to check date and create to do note, you just have to tap on Sales assistant icon and you will get to access all three option from a single dashboard. It will list all contacts saved on your iPhone, and also enable you to create entries in calendar and make to-do notes for better management.

Under contacts section, you can save complete contact detail of any person, including name, address, and email address, contact numbers (work & home). Additionally, an option to build upcoming action for that contact person is also given beneath the contact details. So, everything required to remind and take action will be placed on a single page within Sales Assistant App for iPad.

You can adjust settings to add time automatically to notes and also initiate actions to the notes by turning ON the options.

No More Mess with Scattered Information:
With sales assistant, you don't have to save information about any particular company or person to different location as it leads confusion. This wonderful iPad app allows you to club companies with identical nature or business under a single heading and create a hyperlink to open the complete company listing.

Once you add information about a company it will automatically pull all contacts based on that company such as address, ID, Google Map, etc. You can also integrate social media to get feed s about their status updates and more.

Build Backup On your System:
Sales assistant helps in creating backup for contacts and other information to your computer system. Losing customer data is not less than a disaster for a sales person, and having a backup of everything what you've saved on your business phone is very much imperative. With Sales assistant iPad app, you can have a data recovery option in order to avoid any unfavorable data loss situation.

Make Your Own Version:
Rather than creating customized Sales Assistant app for each and every company, this terrific iPad app comes with an exposed API to enable companies to create their own versions of sales assistant app and satisfy their requirement.

Sales Assistant App for iPad is like a boon for a sales person or any other professional. Download the app, and enjoy fastest access to unlimited information in an organized way. Visit on our website.

Sales Assialant iPad App:
We are about to launch one of the most innovative sales tools for the iPad to date. This new application is built by sales people for sales people.

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad

Located in Ocean, New Jersey, Sales Assistant was founded by Ira Horowitz. Copyright (C) 2013 Sales Assistant. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch, and Mac are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.


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