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May 24, 2013 in Business (F)

[] Forest Hills, New York - Ever dreamt of starting your own business and taking it from business idea to reality? Or are you already in the process of starting and growing your business? Now there is a way to get affordable quality help and professional guidance!

Starting a new business is a daunting adventure where mistakes can cost a fortune, or years of time. There is quite a bit of experience needed to plan and execute every detail of your business with the right strategy and skills, and there are many planning and execution mistakes that are often made due to lack of experience or lack of proper guidance.

That is why Problemio, created the a 4-app business-starting series. Each app is devoted to one of business planning, business ideas, fundraising and marketing.

Having started businesses in the past, Alex Genadinik founded this company to combat the failure rate of start-ups by helping entrepreneurs learn from the mistakes of others and avoid some of the common but dangerous business mistakes.

According to the Small Business Association (SBA) more than half new businesses disappear within the first five years. The SBA also notes that it is nearly impossible to determine the true rate of business failures because businesses simply do not report having failed, but rather quietly stop operations.

Alex Genadinik, the founder of Problemio, says that "because many of the users of Problemio apps start at the business idea stage, the failure rate is much greater." Internal research on the app shows that over 95% of new business concepts are either abandoned or fail before launching a prototype or are able to serve clients. Some of the main reasons are lack of funding, lack of guidance, or business ideas that are quickly determined not to be good. The situation is no better overseas.

According to a 2012 survey conducted for the European Commission by TNS Custom Research:
* 23% of EU respondents have started a business or taken over one, or are taking steps to start one, and 13% more say that are thinking of starting a business
* A large majority of EU respondents think that it is difficult to start one's own business due to a lack of available financial support (79%); and that it is difficult to start one's own business due to the complexities of the administrative process (72%)
* 43% of EU respondents who have started a business are no longer an entrepreneur since the business has failed (12%, or was sold, transferred or closed (31%)
* 51% of EU respondents think that it is difficult to obtain sufficient information on how to start a business

"Of course, statistics of the failure of start-ups and new companies vary with how early in the process of starting a company is considered a real company. Most idea-stage companies never even become prototypes." said Alex.

And that is why Problemio apps start with supporting the entrepreneur from the very beginning, which is the idea stage, and guide the entrepreneur through the planning and starting of the business.

The apps are available on iOS, Android, Kindle and NOOK, and are currently the most helpful product for starting a business on any mobile platform because they not only draw from the experiences of their founder, but also build on the experience of the 15,000 businesses which have already been planned on the apps.

The apps help entrepreneurs in these 3 ways:
* Software tools for planning, collaboration, and organization
* Growing number of guides and tutorials addressing common issues and questions of the entrepreneurs who have used the apps before. So the apps always grow to address more real-world issues faced by people.
* The apps offer chat-based expert (real person) assistance

The apps are absolutely loved by users. All apps are rated 4.6/5.0 or higher in various app stores, and currently rank in the top-100 business apps on Android and iOS.

This year over 150,000 people have downloaded the apps and over 15,000 people have used the apps to plan their actual businesses, marketing or fundraising campaigns.

Since the launch of the apps, and after personally advising nearly 1000 entrepreneurs on the apps, Alex observed that "entrepreneurs generally make mistakes in 4 different areas. They have business ideas that would not work for them, are unable to raise the money needed to build the company, cannot effectively promote and grow their business, or lack complete vision of all details of the business which leads to incomplete planning and trouble down the road."

"And that is why I created the course as a 4-app series where entrepreneurs can download any of the apps that they feel may help them, and be able to make the progress they need with very affordable professional guidance" said Alex.

For more information, pictures or interviews please contact Alex Genadinik of Problemio.

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