Star-Spangled Opportunities, Boomerang Shines In Philadelphia

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[] Monrovia, California - Xvida CEO, Uros Cadez, reports that Xvida's United States' trade mission has delivered new distributors and star-spangled Apple opportunities. Touring several States, meeting with retailers and distributors, Cadez was focused on securing outlets for advancing Xvida's growing market for Boomerang, iPad Smart Stand and Mounting System. As the final dots are added to new agreements, Cadez is preparing to announce All-Star channels which will raise Boomerang's global profile and sales volume.

The Xvida team travelled to California, the centre of technology innovation, to discuss sales, packaging and new product development. Meeting with designers and tech marketing experts, Cadez and the team aligned Boomerang with new distribution platforms before travelling to Philadelphia and the 2013 ASMC Spring Conference.

The Philadelphia Apple-focused event hosted two Vendor Fairs, three Boot Camp Tracks, AppleCare Bench Talk Live, and the ASMC After Hours lounge, but Uros Cadez said: "The most valuable aspect of the conference and trade show was feedback from potential distributors and retailers. We partnered with Boomerang's new vendor, Dr Bott, looking for bright avenues to pursue in the next phase of Xvida and Boomerang product development."

"The response we received has been phenomenally positive. This trade mission was a specific response to the success of CES Vegas 2013, and we plan to continue this face-to-face approach - it's producing strong result, quickly, for us."

"With website and packing upgrades almost ready, the Boomerang offering is set to grow, in terms of product extension and service capability. Our USA mission laid the foundation for fantastic distribution channels, which we are now preparing to translate into a strong sales programme."

Xvida launched in 2012 as an innovative start-up company. Raising funds for Boomerang on Kickstarter, Boomerang has entered production as the first ever all-in-one mount and stand for the iPad. A stylish, lightweight and slim iPad stand it enables ergonomic typing and viewing angles.

The Boomerang stand allows users to prop up an iPad at three different angles. It offers a firm, sturdy grip, even at the gym your iPad won't fall over. Boomerang has a perfect position to suit everyday activities - typing, browsing, watching videos - at home, or on the go. The perfect iPad accessory; Boomerang is light, smart, attractive, sturdy, and suitable for using an iPad in a variety of positions.

The Products:
Boomerang- iPad Smart Stand and Mounting System Xvida, an innovative start-up company, launched in 2012, raising funds for Boomerang on Kickstarter, to produced Boomerang, the first ever all-in-one mount and stand for the iPad.

Boomerang is as a stylish, lightweight and slim iPad stand, enabling ergonomic typing and viewing angles. Combined with any of its mounting accessories, the iPad becomes a hands-free personal entertainment device on an airplane or in the gym, a navigation system for your car and a range of additional applications currently under development.

Boomerang is the first tablet mounting system, which attaches with perfect, magnetic ease. It is fully compatible with Smart Cover, so no need to carry a separate add-on. Boomerang offers a sleek combination of quality and simplicity. With the number of iPads sold reaching 100 million and growing at 30% per annum, Xvida's unique design capability presents an exceptional opportunity for investment.

"Boomerang's big secret is that it combines two of the most common ways in which we use the iPad," said Cadez, "It's a superior iPad stand with three solid viewing angles; it can also act as a mounting system to other surfaces with its simple, magnetically detachable mount, which works a bit like the MacBook power cord."

Cadez came up with the idea to develop Boomerang while working in London as a computer graphics artist, creating visual effects for TV and the movie industry. Although he had the expertise to visualize and animate, the turning point was when he joined forces with Luka Stepan, a talented friend from the Royal College of Art's London Design School. Together, they began designing Boomerang.

Cadez remarked: "Boomerang was designed from the ground up, using the finest machining technologies. This allowed us to build a sleek, thin and foldable device without compromising on its sturdiness. We performed stress tests to make sure the device is ready to perform with the toughest of your daily challenges, day after day."

Located in Monrovia, California, XVIDA is a European tech start-up. Dedicated to developing simple, elegant tablet computing mounting solutions, Xvida enables users to do more with their favourite gadget. A talented team of experienced young professionals with detailed knowledge of consumer product design, plastics, mechanical engineering and manufacturing, combined under the umbrella of an online sales and marketing team. Meet the Team: Founder and CEO, Uros Cadez previously worked as a Senior General Technical Director at 'The Mill' and 'The Moving Picture Company' in London, United Kingdom. Entrepreneur Marko Cadez, based in Los Angeles, has extensive expertise in online sales and marketing and is the owner of the 'Best Travel Store'. A seasoned entrepreneur, Jugoslav Petkovic is the founder of Slovenia's biggest online store,, and co-founder of Slovenia's largest domain registry and internet services firm Domenca. Luka Luka Stepan is the creative artist behind award-winning Slovenian furniture and product designer Gigodesign. With a Masters' Degree in Design Products from the Royal College of Art, London, United Kingdom has a strong technical and practical design heritage.


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