MailTank's iPhone-Ready Customer Service Email Solution

June 28, 2007 in Services (E)

[] Los Angeles, CA - June 26, 2007 - MailTank, along with many early adopters, has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Apple's new iPhone. In bringing the "real" Internet to today's mobile device users, iPhone is unleashing the power of businesses that are moving away from the desktop (and even the laptop) and out into the world, creating what is truly an office without walls.

When the vanguard of this evolution fire up their iPhones for the first time, they will find that leading vendors of business software can help them make the most of Apple's newest toy. It will demonstrate that with the right programs, the iPhone can be far more than a toy; it can be an important tool for making a business more productive, more portable, and more efficient.

"We have been preparing for this moment since the iPhone was first introduced at MacWorld," said Christian Winter, the CEO and co-founder of MailTank. "We are excited about how efficiently the iPhone will let MailTank customers manage their email from anywhere they like."

MailTank's full feature set migrates seamlessly to the iPhone without any special adaptations required because, finally, the real Internet will fit in the palm of your hand.

"If you spend a lot of time managing incoming email for your business," said Lon Baker, MailTank's other co-founder and CIO, "your job is going to get a whole lot easier. In fact, we are so sure that this is the best email management solution currently on the market that we will let anyone try it free for 30 days so they can see the difference that it makes."

Here are just some of the features from MailTank that will now be readily available to iPhone users:

- Manage email sent to multiple addresses - Answer email without typing - "Rapid Reply" to answer recurring customer questions simultaneously

All of the information is maintained in one easy-to-find location, accessible from anywhere - whenever it's needed. In addition to Apple's Safari browser used on the iPhone, MailTank also runs on Windows, Apple and Linux operating systems. For demonstration videos of the MailTank in action, click on the following link: . You'll never see work in the same way again.

MailTank was created out of the experience of MacTank (its predecessor company) in helping over 100,000 Mac users. MailTank now serves customers across all platforms, including Vista, as well as Apple's Tiger and forthcoming Leopard operating systems. MailTank is the fastest, most powerful way to process incoming email for businesses, groups and individuals and is also increasingly in demand by organizations of all sizes. For more information visit


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