Flying Pig releases FPPostGreSQL 1.0

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[] Paris, France - Flying Pig introduces today FPPostGreSQL 1.0. One year ago, Flying Pig released pre-version 0.1.1 for FPPostGreSQL, the free 100% Cocoa/Objective-C 2.0 PostGreSQL Framework. Today, we introduce version 1.0 with a bundle of new features and a lot more stability.

Among new features, developers may use now:
* A brand new queuing system with dependencies and priorities,
* The implementation of new date related types,
* A bug fix with float precision,
* A new way of managing empty dates, sent as null object (NSNull)
* Thread Safety

FPPostGreSQL is still 100% free and available, with its documentation, through the Flying Pig Developer Portal. FPPostGreSQL is used as a part of Edouard, the optimized and innovative ERP-like solution and Louise, the smart data importer. Both are Flying Pig products designed for Mac OS X platform.

Flying Pig engineers will be at Apple's WWDC, in San Francisco, California, from june 8th until june 12th 2009. It will be a good opportunity to meet and talk about FPPostgreSQL. FPPostGreSQL and Flying Pig Developer Portal are managed by the Flying Pig developer team. To set up a meeting with our engineers please send us an email through the developer team email address.

Flying Pig is a French company started in 2007, dedicated to create exceptionally efficient and inovative computer-based business solutions. Founded by highly talented engineer Christophe Dupont and Arnaud Thiercelin, Flying Pig is one of the arms of the Thiercelin Group established in 1809. Copyright 2007-2009 Flying Pig. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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