SayWare releases Gift Track 1.0 - Optimizing the Gifting Experience

June 2, 2009 in Productivity (F)

[] Houston, Texas - Sayware today released Gift Track 1.0, a new application for iPhone and iPod touch that is perfect for planning and tracking gifts by connecting gift lists, people, and gift events. Gift Track is designed to manage diverse gift exchanges from simple one-on-one (such as birthdays and mother's day) to more complex group exchanges such as holidays and weddings.

Gift Track makes it easy to associate gifts with both events and people in just about any combination. You can assign a gift to a person, whether as the giver or receiver, or a gift to an event, or an event to a gift. There is flexibility built-in no matter which way you like to manage your gifting.

By tracking events in chronological order, it is easy to know when to prepare the gift in time and not miss a date. Gift track also helps to maintain your gift stash, whether it is full of items that are destined to be re-gifted, or perhaps things that have already been bought "just because" and are still looking for a deserving recipient. Planning purchases is also easy to do with the integrated shopping list. And what about those Thank You notes which people are always forgetting to write? Well, Gift Track covers as well. Just take a quick look in the Thank You Reminder list to know how many are left to send.

Pricing and Availability:
Gift Track is available from the iTunes App Store at $1.99 (USD). Gift Track is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch running 2.0 software and higher. Review copies are available to the media upon request.

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