Custom Web Design Company PLAVEB Unveils a Revamped, Responsive Website

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[] Burbank, California - PLAVEB, a leading Los Angeles mobile and web development company, has unveiled a new version of its website to make it easier for its users to get the information they seek. The new site adheres to the central design elements that formed the bedrock of the previous design. But everything - from colors to layout - in the new version is more dynamic and vibrant.

The company has been designing mobile apps and websites for a long time, and it has a long list of satisfied clients and successful projects. The new layout and design are based on the idea of bringing the most important information to the visitors of the site first.

An official from the company says, "Our target audience is entrepreneurs and enterprises that are looking for a company that can provide them with customized design and development services. While the tendency of most companies is to place a lot of content, we believe that the quality of our work can speak a lot better than any words. So, the most important parts of the websites are dominated by images of real project that we have accomplished till date."

Over the last couple of years, the trend of creating websites that work well on mobile devices has picked up. While the company already had a popular website, its previous layout was not designed keeping mind the needs of people who accessed it on their mobiles. However, the company already had a mobile website for its smartphone users. But, as the company had been involved with several responsive web design project, it felt that it would be best to use its skills to add responsiveness to its website.

"As Internet-enabled smart mobile devices take a central position in lives of most people, it has become imperative for all businesses to create websites that render perfectly on small smartphone screens and larger tablet screens. We already have a mobile website, but as we were revamping the design, we felt that it would be a good idea to make it responsive. We believe in responsive approach to web design," says a senior official from the company.

The revamped PLAVEB website will make it a lot easier for the users to access the most important information right away. In addition to designing the layout in a way that would render well diverse browsers and devices, the designers have also ensured the users can input information in the forms easily, using any device. The new design is bound to impress users who want to get the most important information straightaway and connect with the company. Undoubtedly, the redesigned website will help the company serve its customers better and help it cement its position as the one of the most reliable mobile and web development companies in Los Angeles.

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