App Store and The FreeMACsonry

June 4, 2009 in iAnnouncements (F)

[] Bogota, Cundinamarca/Colombia - Perhaps many have noticed the similar of the icon of AppStore with one of the best known Freemasonry symbols (Square and Compasses). Based on this, review a bit what has been since that the Great Master of Grade 33 (the prominent FreeMACson Steve Job) officially opened the guild (The Grand Lodge 2.0). It's coming the Grand Council FreeMACsonic (WWDC 09) one year ago that this Grand Lodge started and many have been initiated in this fraternity, and although some were censored or denied the brotherhood is still growing and gaining adherents around the world.

We check a little the main rituals and some of its corporate structure. Every candidate must have at least among its tools a computer Mac OS X (10.5.6) and if he wants an iPhone (or iPod Touch), this will entitle him to be initiated in the Lodge. Once the candidate expressed interest in joining should perform the ritual of initiation (admission process) that allow him to enter the brotherhood (iDP) as an apprentice (Developer).

Once inside, they know of 2 degrees, Fellow (Evangelist) and Master (Directors) which are reserved for more experienced members in the fraternity. Being accepted the apprentice has access to the secret FreeMACsonic (official documentation of the SDK) and if he wish will notify of his progress to the Lodge (He sends an App). If members of the brotherhood considered appropriate the work presented by the apprentice, they will communicate this to general public (App available on the iTunes Store). The revenue generated by the work of apprentice (sales of the App) are distributed in 70% to him and 30% for maintenance of the Grand Lodge 2.0 (App Store).

Due to the inconformity of some Initiates in the Lodge and what they consider abuse from Fellows and Masters FreeMACsonics, they decided to form a brotherhood alternative of the Grand Lodge, The Cyduminati. Although the Grand Lodge 2.0 professes 3 main principles:

* Freedom = To develop any application that conforms to the contract signed
* Equality = Everybody (big or small) get the same treatment
* Fraternity = Share acquired knowledge with other members (abolition of the NDA)

Although Cyduminati are not the only ones who have decided to open his own guild, there are other Minor Lodges that unlike the Cyduminati its members are affiliated to the Grand Lodge 2.0. Some Lodges are:

* Lodge of North
* Lodge Anglo-Saxon
* Lodge of West
* Lodge Hispanic iPhoneSoftware

Although there is a "legend" that the Grand Lodge 2.0 has its origins in the vaults of Xerox, which said that the Order of the Knights Templars found the "Saint Mouse" does not detract to the impeccable work done by them as throughout history. So if you feel that you have the skills to be part of this Grand Lodge 2.0 do not hesitate to apply for admission to this fraternity.

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